What’s the Holiday Season without a Party?

We may not have even hit Halloween yet, but the truth is the holiday season is just around the corner!  Any planner worth their checklist will tell you that you need to book in advance otherwise the pickin’s for venues become pretty slim!  Now, we realize that many of you probably have this all lined up but for those don’t, and likely can’t believe that we are closing in on the end of October, fear not, The Crossing just may be able to help.

With our holidays menus hot off the press, our boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations just a few weeks from going on display, Christmastime at The Crossing is one of the highlights of the year!  If your team has been working hard and you want to show them how much you appreciate them, there is no better way then a relaxing overnight event with us.  A winter wonderland with all the sights and smells of the season paired with our country-home feel, everyone will be sure to start the holidays off right.

Chef Doug and his team have created a special sensational seasonal menu to reflect this joyous time of year.  Please take a moment to review all of the good things that await you this holiday season at The Crossing!

Enjoy the weekend!