Why Is Corporate Team Building Needed More Than Ever In 2020?

Corporate Team Building in an Indoor and Outdoor Retreat near Calgary & Cochrane

The need for corporate team building in this unprecedented era cannot be underestimated. Team building helps its participants gain a better understanding of the shared goals, work plans and strategies within their corporate environment. It also helps to improve team members’ roles and responsibilities for more effective day-to-day communication and overall performance.

The “Crossing Experience” includes unique Calgary team building retreats in a peaceful and natural setting, away from the usual (and unusual) stressors and distractions of our daily life. We recognize the importance of having interpersonal qualities of trust, communication and mutual accountability.

With this perspective, our team building activities help a company improve their team’s ability to achieve a higher level of performance. Team building, is proving to be a powerful asset and advantage in 2020. It can help to make a company run more smoothly, efficiently and can improve the overall working environment by introducing new interpersonal skills in a fun and relaxed manner.

What is Corporate Team Building and How Can It Help Your Company?

Corporate team building involves a wide range of activities, which are designed for improving team performance. With corporate team building events and activities at The Crossing at Ghost River, it is much easier to bring out the best in a team, ensuring self-development, and positive communication.

We also hone leadership skills while rejuvenating the team’s spirit and morale. Calgary area corporate team building activities helps local Calgary businesses’ management and employees to strengthen the ability to work closely together to solve problems.  There are new, exciting synergies to be gained from higher levels of involvement within these personal, interpersonal and group dynamics.

With team building, your company’s managers also get an opportunity to improve cohesiveness and productivity. Our conference facilities and retreat center located near Cochrane, Alberta create an open and equipped team-oriented environment. This enables participants to gain collaborative skills that contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Team Building Activities in a Safe, Caring Environment

Despite the slowdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has still shown us ways that we can come together and overcome obstacles as individuals, families, businesses and as a community. At the Crossing, we offer a very safe place to hold a team building retreat, as our facilities are under approved COVID-19 guidelines and are exclusively available to your team and not  shared with other groups. Incorporating teamwork into our workplace environment fosters respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, and caring for employees, rather than exploiting or dictating to them. Showing compassion and knowing how to collaborate during times of crisis, is key to our success.

Going forward into this new decade, the need for corporate team building will keep increasing as more businesses seek support and new ways to improve their corporate culture. This includes the need to turn away from harmful business practices such as adverse reactions to decreased productivity, lack of imagination and innovation, conflicts and hostility among staff and sometimes ineffective meetings among many more problems.

Stellar teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organizations. Empowered teams get the best results, so empowering your employees has more to do with attitude and behavior than processes and tools. Team building helps to deepen the “Why” and improve the “How”, to bring the company’s vision into reality.

Globalization has created a growing need to cater to niche markets and to be able to compete on cost and innovation, resulting in companies no longer relying on mass production and economies of scale to compete in the marketplace. With this paradigm shift, teams give employees more autonomy, participation, and ownership regarding decisions, which maximizes organizational innovation. This shift results in an environment where employees are given goals, or develop them with their leaders, and then they are free to decide on the best method of achieving the goals.

Team building during COVID 2020 near Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta at The Crossing at Ghost River.

Top 9 Benefits of Corporate Team Building in 2020

When you hear the word team building, what comes into your mind? Here at the Crossing at Ghost River, corporate team building is about understanding, developing, appreciating and maximizing the people in your team and the team as a unified group.

We know that the most successful and memorable corporate team building events don’t feel like a day at the office. It is a positive event that nurtures a productive, motivated and happy team by the end of the activities. To help illustrate, here are nine key benefits that a business or organization can attain by including corporate team building and corporate wellness programs in their company’s activities.

1. Building Trust

It takes time to build trust in the workplace, and this should be placed at the top of your to-do list. Trust inspires your workers and motivates them. Trust boosts their productivity and encourages engagement and consequently strengthens trust with your customers and suppliers. Through the tasks and exercises in a corporate team building program, participants get to learn more about each other. They get to know their strengths, weaknesses, fears, and capabilities. These lessons contribute to a deeper relationship and trust among team members. Hopefully, you’ve hired someone that you trust, and now is the time to ensure that this person also trusts you. Therefore, as a leader, it’s up to you to build and maintain trust in your workplace.

2. Teamwork

Corporate team building creates a focus on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make you a better team through proven, effective games, exercises and events.

3. Leadership

Leadership is a vital component of any team. Therefore, structured corporate team building and wellness activities at our Cochrane conference center, helps to identify leadership qualities in individuals and highlights areas where all employees can improve and contribute.

4. Communication

For any corporate team to achieve high performance, excellent communication is essential at all levels of the company’s structure. Properly managed corporate team building events break down communication barriers within each level and also between these levels. Our Calgary area location offers professional facilities and events that easily and effectively explore the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to get your team performing their best.

5. Team Bonding

The importance of bonding in the workplace cannot be underrated. Bonding creates that sense of looking out for each other and helps build trust among your team members. At the Crossing at Ghost River, we are the ice-breakers. Our corporate wellness programs, corporate team building games and corporate team building events provide the opportunity to learn about each other in a non-threatening, fun-filled environment.

6. Having Fun

Often overlooked, it remains one of the most important benefits to have in the workplace. Humans are more productive and learn more easily and quickly when they have fun during the process. With Corporate team building activities, the Crossing at Ghost River reinforces the value of having fun in the workplace and the positive outcomes that can be achieved when fun is involved.

7. Company Culture

Organizing corporate team building events, games, and corporate wellness programs helps to reinforce the company’s values, mission, and vision, which eventually contributes to the overall organizational culture. In addition to this reinforcement, a team event like this will help your company evolve and expand in the future, as your team explores new ways to improve and grow the company as they improve themselves.

8. Responsibility and Accountability

Every team member has a role to contribute in a team. Taking accountability and responsibility for a role ensures fulfilment or provides valuable lessons for the future. Corporate team building meetings and leadership workshops at our Cochrane conference center reinforces how taking responsibility and accountability are vital contributors to team performance.

9. Results-Focused Activities

Corporate team building activities can be structured to focus primarily on results. For example, team building activities can be used to achieve a real goal, such as developing a new marketing strategy for the company. Moreover, if other benefits are achieved through team building, such as leadership and better communication, they ultimately lead to more robust results.

How Corporate Team Building Will Help Your Company in 2020 and Beyond

Teamwork is the foundation of success, whether it is a national sports team, a local community group or any size of business. Those in charge of the team will be able to reach their goals and out-perform their competition when their team members work best together.

Corporations with high performing teams are more successful and can see a significant boost in their bottom line. It is important to note that strong teams don’t just happen by hiring qualified employees; they require corporate team building activities and events designed to bring them closer. For this reason, team building at the Crossing at Ghost River helps bring a workforce together and motivates them to work collaboratively.

Corporate team building exercises can be held outside the office to give employees an easy way to interact with each other in a non-work-related environment. An outdoor environment naturally relaxes us and increases our sense of adventure. To help our clients even further, we offer our Crossing Connectors activities that encourage teams to work together to solve a problem.

Are you ready to explore how your team can improve its communication, productivity and have some fun while you’re at it?

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