The Crossing at Ghost River cochrane calgary covid community outreach

Community Outreach Program at The Crossing

While the last 18 months at The Crossing at Ghost River have looked different than years passed, we still have had the opportunity to host many events, retreats, weddings and individual travellers at our charming inn. We have also had the chance to refresh the property and dedicate efforts to our Community Outreach program. Supporting Helping Hands in Cochrane, Veterans Association Food Bank, and Home for Hero’s in Calgary. Over the last year and a half, The Crossing Team proudly has provided over 12,400 meals and soups to those in need. It has been an incredible honour to be able to offer our support these amazing organizations and the people they help! Read more below about our Community Outreach program.

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Helping Hands Society

“The meals and soups that we received, almost weekly, from The Crossing during 2020/21 were not only delicious and nutritious but were also an invaluable resource. The partnership was born out of necessity as the first COVID shut-down removed our ability to continue operation of our own meal prep program; that prepares and provides emergency meals to those in need in Cochrane and Area. Without a way to have those meals on hand during a time that the need for them was desperately rising made The Crossing’s offer to help extremely generous and absolutely essential.

These meals were distributed through multiple service agencies in Cochrane to people in need, in crisis and sometimes to those who were just locked out from their loved ones and lonely. We heard time and time again that these meals and soups were “one of the nicest gifts” during a difficult time. There aren’t enough words to express how tankful we are to The Crossing for these gifts of food and comfort but bless your generous souls for stepping up and becoming an integral part of the Helping ands team – we honestly couldn’t have helped the way we did for the past 16 months without you!”

April Baird, Food Security Programs Manager of Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area


The Veterans Association Food Bank

“The Veterans Association Food Bank is a registered charity in Calgary, Alberta, dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of Veterans and their families. We offer a variety of programs and resources to our veteran community such as our pet care promise, financial assistance, and emergency assistance. We also supply veterans with monthly food hampers to ensure they have access to fresh and nutritious food. On average, we send out 125 food hampers per month.

The Crossing at Ghost River has been a huge supporter of our initiative at the Veterans Association Food Bank in the past year. The Crossing at Ghost River has supplied us with a total of 3,390 meals and 1,600 liters of soup. The meals provided by the Crossing at Ghost River have had a direct impact on enriching the lives of our veterans, and we could not be more appreciative of the good work the chefs and staff at The Crossing are doing.”

Alyssa Harrington, Communications Coordinator Veterans Association Food Bank

The Crossing at Ghost River cochrane calgary covid community outreach