Winter Wedding at The Crossing at Ghost River Photograph by Film and Forest

Stunning Winter Weddings

The Crossing at Ghost River provides the most stunning setting for a winter wedding.

A truly enchanting setting is waiting for you at The Crossing during the winter season! Everything is covered in glittering snow and the air is crisp and clear and more peaceful than you can imagine. It is quiet and tranquil and you can really feel its charm.

Everything is beautifully decorated during the Christmas season, so there is really nothing more that needs to be done to make your wedding decor complete.

As you enter the elegant and charming Remington house, you will find a warm and inviting sitting area arranged around a beautiful fireplace. Throughout the main floor, other sitting areas display views of the grounds in every direction. The kitchen, located at the center, fills the house with delicious aromas.

The most peaceful feelings will fill you as you view the grounds from the windows of the house. You and your guests will be thrilled with the private setting.

The Crossing at any time of year is magical, but during winter it’s even more so. Come check us out for your winter wedding – we promise it will charm and delight you! Explore our wedding venues and packages, and contact us for more information.