The Photo Whisperer

Rolling hills back lit by a burnt orange sky, sunlight streaming into antique adorned guestrooms, gourmet dishes so life-like you can taste them, the perfect mid-conversation laugh that encapsulates the essence of being at The Crossing…all of these images and so many more were created by our good friend and photographer Tracy Connery of Tracy Connery Photography.  Light-hearted, not afraid to get a little dirty and with good sense of humour, we knew we would hire her from the get-go!

Finding just the right person to shoot The Crossing can be compared to finding just the right person to take the first photographs of your first born because that is precisely what The Crossing is to all of us, ‘our baby’.  Therefore, everything had to be perfect; we had to find the right person to see all of the beauty and special qualities that we could see and then coax out the extra ‘smiles, coos, and giggles’ that we knew were hiding in there just waiting to be found.  After viewing Tracy’s photography we knew that she was our gal, she definitely had that “something special”!

It is a challenge being a remote location; people can’t just pop in for a visit as they are walking to the store or strolling to a meeting.  It was crucial for us to have the right images that capture the true nature of The Crossing so that when people visit our website or look through our marketing brochure that not only could they ‘see’ The Crossing, but more importantly that they could ‘feel’ it too.  Needless to say we have not been disappointed and Tracy’s photographs have truly been able to bring ‘our baby’ to life!

Clearly Tracy is very talented and we have enjoyed having her out throughout the year to capture The Crossing in all its natural seasonal glory.  We are looking forward to having her seize the holiday spirit as our team “Decks the Halls” this winter!  If you are interested in learning more about Tracy and her talents feel free to visit her at .  Also, The Crossing is a great backdrop for corporate portraits or fantastic souvenirs from a team building retreat.  We would be happy to help arrange Tracy to come out and capture your team at work and play!

Enjoy the weekend!