The Art in Heart

One can not come to The Crossing without noticing the magnificent scenery, and although you may think this is a sole reference to the stunning natural surroundings, you are mistaken!

Not to be awed only by the exterior qualities of the property, The Crossing emminates beauty from the inside out!  With a love for art and a very close relationship with Reflections West Art, based in Calgary, we are honoured to be able to share a beautiful pieces of art with our guests. The Crossing is happy to provide a venue for these magnificient pieces to hang in light filled rooms allowing their true beauty to shine.  Many of our guests come to experience connection with nature but many walk away with a new found, or enchanced, connection to art. The best part is that most of the art featured at The Crossing is available for purchase!  Is there any better way to capture your stay, I think not!

Art really does have a connection to the heart in more ways than one.  The Crossing considers itself extremely lucky to be part of greater Cochrane; a community with a huge heart and one that supports and cultivates local art.  This weekend the Cochrane Art Club will be hosting its 53rd Show and Sale, if that isn’t art with heart than we don’t know what is!  Click on the link below to learn more about this weekend’s festivities and take time to enjoy the view both inside and out!

Enjoy the weekend!