Stampede 2015…Like Christmas in July!


The hustle and bustle, family and friends in from out of town, lots of food and bevvies, everyone is excited, and traditions abound!!!  And, for those of us to happen to live in the area, it is time for our proverbial “Christmas in July” or, as most people around the world know it as, STAMPEDE!!!!

Think about it, there are a multitude of similarities; endless preparation, excess fun, packed days, late nights, full bellies, empty wallets and at the end of it everyone is ready to get back to a normal routine (after a good night’s rest and a nap or two).  BUT, most people love it and, after a year goes by, are raring to go again!

Perhaps one of the things we love most about Stampede time (besides mini doughnuts), are the traditions (correction…mini doughnuts are a tradition)!  Families getting up early and staking their claim along the parade route, pancake breakfasts, little boys and girls with stars in their eyes seeing real cowboys and cowgirls in the rodeo, Country Western music filling the air, the beauty of the First Nations traditions, the Grandstand Show, we could go on!  Though we have to admit, probably the nearest and dearest to our hearts is the Western hospitality!  From the time you walk off the plane and are greeted by one of the many “White Hat” volunteers, to then endless “howdys” and handshakes, Calgary and its surrounding areas really know how to make people feel welcome!

Over the past few years, The Crossing has had the opportunity to really be seen as a place to experience Stampede events.  Last year we hosted a rocking (literally) party for the National Music Centre that was graced by performances from Canadian music icons Jim Cuddy, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Paul Brandt!  It was a night we will never forget!  This year we are looking forward to hosting a large corporate client appreciation event for one of our Calgary based customers.   Mixing business and pleasure, they will be showing their clients some Western hospitality, followed by a day of team building and meetings and then they are off to experience the Rockies!  We couldn’t have planned a better itinerary if we tried!

Overall we are grateful to seen as part of the ‘tradition’.  Stampede is such a great time, and Calgary’s surrounding areas have a lot to do with that!  Yeeeeeehaw to a fantastic 2015 STAMPEDE!!!!