Soul searching, soul found.

Do you know your soul?  Do you know yourself through your soul?  Do you know what you are meant to share with the world?

These are the questions, along with many others, that one will explore while joining Animas Valley Institute for their SOULCRAFT ™ INTENSIVE multi-day/night workshop from July 11th to 15th, 2012 at The Crossing.  With the world moving so quickly, do we really take the time to realize our essence and how we share it with the world?  Do you even know what it is that you bring to the greater good?  If you find yourself asking these questions then SOULCRAFT ™ is an excellent place to start your journey.

SOULCRAFT ™ is an experiential 5 day journey that is enlightening but also intense, and takes focus and commitment.  The element of nature is highly incorporated in the workshop as well as growth through group work and solitude.  Offered with the nourishing cuisine and cozy accommodations of The Crossing, with the expert guidance of Animas Valley Institute Founder, Bill Plotkin, one can anticipate a highly engaged and rewarding few days.

If you are searching, SOULCRAFT ™ will help you find.