Social Media Butterfly

Over the past two years, well almost two years now, since our team acquired The Crossing we have had the opportunity to work on a variety of great projects to upgrade and enhance the already wonderful ‘experience’.  From new bedding, new roofs, new decks, new railings….do you see a pattern…we have enjoyed every minute of growing and improving and have considered ourselves lucky to have such a great platform to start from!

One thing that is completely new to The Crossing in the past year has been social media and we are absolutely loving being part of that world.  At first we weren’t really sure what to expect, we knew we needed to be swimming in that pond but didn’t realize how much of an effect it would have on us or what an opportunity it would provide us to create a little community!  Over the past several months social media has not only allowed us to make friends, swap ideas, learn, and generate business but more importantly it has allowed us to engage with others on a daily basis about things that we feel are important!

You will notice that our Twitter and Facebook pages are more about day to day life then what we ‘technically’ are providing onsite ie. meetings, conferencing accommodations, excellent meals, etc., but just as there is more to life than work, there is more to The Crossing then only business.  The Crossing is more than just a location to have meetings and retreats, it is a place that promotes connection which is exactly what social media allow us to do, ‘connect’. We are a place that promotes healthy lifestyles, balance, finding passions, and learning new things!  Social media has allowed us to expand on what we have built on our website and in our brand and allow us to share all of these great things with you, every single day!

In our community we say the more the merrier, and so we hope that you will join our online community by checking out our weekly blog, or catching up with us on Facebook or Twitter.  From topics ranging on how to beat wrist aches from being at the computer too long (I think most of us can relate), to business articles that we feel might help our corporate clients, and even to what to do with left behind mason jars or muffin tins, we have something for everyone!  Not to mention this is a great place to stay up to date with the latest happenings at The Crossing.

So, if you have a few spare minutes this weekend while you are having your morning coffee, come and check out our community at: and

Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!