The Sights and Sounds of Spring!

Spring marks a fresh new start – flowers blooming, spring cleaning, retiring a winter wardrobe for summer clothes, and trading in those heavy winter boots for sneakers and flip flops. Spring brings brighter mornings, sunnier afternoons, and longer evenings. Spring means family dinners in the backyard, drinks on the patio, and long walks in the park.

prairie view lookout

A sure sign spring is here

Here at The Crossing we are happy to see signs of spring appearing all around us – melting snow, wild flowers, sun showers, and the list goes on. Spring is an exciting time at The Crossing, as it brings many new programs and events. First of which, is the Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat facilitated by Tracey Delfs on July 22-24. This program is a perfect way to embrace the fresh start that the spring season represents.

Spring weather also brings new opportunities to experience the outdoors, such as hiking on our 145 acres of beautiful land or fly fishing on Ghost River, just minutes from The Crossing’s main house. And, of course… we are excited about the culinary opportunities that accompany spring… preparing superb cuisine on the barbecue, enjoying fresh local fruits and vegetables, and dining on the patio.

As we not-so-patiently await the benefits of spring, we also look forward to welcoming the season with the Easter long weekend. We hope you take advantage of the longer days, unseasonably warm weather, and upcoming weekend to celebrate spring, the outdoors, family time, and great food.


Farewell 2015, you were a good one!

It’s been a great year!

It would be easy to leave it at that because it is true, it has simply been a great year!  But, one of the most satisfying things you can do, and one of the most helpful, is to take time and reflect.  What was successful?  What was a disaster?  What caused the positive or negative outcome?  What valuable lessons did you learn?  How did your team fare?  How did your relationships stagnate or grow?  What made you happy?  What no longer deserves your energy?  There are so so many important things that we learn about ourselves and others in just 365 days but the key is taking the time to recognize them!

At The Crossing we learn new lessons every single day.  It doesn’t matter if we have hosted the same client multiple times before, there is always a takeaway.  More often than not we are our harshest critics; always wanting to reach the next level of guest service, new amenities, culinary creations, etc.  The reality is that we will always strive for that, so every once in a while, with the New Year being a natural break, you must take time to examine the wins.  Give yourself and your team a pat on the back for your accomplishments, big or small.  Take those missteps, no matter how many or how little, and use those lessons to establish strong strategies for the year ahead.

Looking back we have had a pretty incredible year.  From meeting numerous new clients, and happily welcoming back many repeat groups, we are constantly amazed at all the solid investment that companies and organizations are putting into their people.  It was quite the highlight to welcome both our first yoga and our first photography workshops with great success; so much so that we are looking into offering them again in 2016!  Casting for Life is always a yearly highlight, observing the women’s bravery and strength.  As well as working with the Veteran’s Transition Network who has taught us so much about so many things; we are so grateful to have been involved.  These are just a few of the many incredible groups who stayed with us this year!

There are countless memories, lessons, relationships new and old, which have contributed to 2015 being our very best yet!  We look forward to taking everything we have learned and applying it to make 2016 even better!  We want to thank all of our guests, suppliers, neighbours in the Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding communities, as well as all of our online friends and followers.  Your support is felt and spurs us to continue to strive to reach our expanding potential!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From our Crossing family to yours, have a safe, happy and healthy New Year!



Sights, Sounds, and Smells of the Season!

The Season is upon us!  Whether you are getting ready to string lights, put up the tree, or bust out the rolling pin for some holiday baking, the holidays are right around the corner.  Some may loathe them, and some may love them, but regardless of where you fall on the spectrum it is hard to deny the beauty that this time of year brings.

From lights and decorations, to songs and children’s squeals of delight, it’s hard to be a Grinch.  I mean who can pass up a festive cocktail and canape or two…or seven.  And, the season begins long before the floor is littered with wrapping paper and everyone is fighting for a spot on the couch in a turkey coma.  Some of the best things about the holiday season are the events and traditions leading up the various celebrations.  The annual visit with Santa for the little ones, local holiday markets, food and beverage events, skating, tobogganing….the list goes on.  Here at The Crossing we love tradition, and we love being located in an active community that recognizes and fosters holiday cheer!  And so, we have put together a small list of local activities to help deck the halls and make your season merry and bright!

Enjoy the wonder of the season!

Banff Beer Fest – November 27/28th journey through Banff to find your favourite craft beer!

Lights – Calgary Zoo ZOOLIGHTS from November 27th to January 2nd with full details at

Art – Youth Art Show starting December 5th to January 23rd featuring local artists from Grades 7-12 at the Leighton Art Centre

Public Skating – Saturdays and Sundays from 1-2:15pm through December at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

Visit with Santa – December 5th to 20th at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

Christmas Market – December 12th marks the Cochrane Farmers’ Market Last Minute Christmas Market at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

Santa Claus Parade – December 12th is also host to the second annual Cochrane Santa Claus Parade starts at 5:00pm.  Check for full details.

Music – Sounds of the season can be heard from the Cochrane Music Society on December 15th starting at 7:30 pm, Cochrane Alliance Church, 902 Glenbow Drive.  Admission is free.  A donation to the food bank is welcome, more details at .  Additionally, The Cochrane Young Singers Christmas Concert, also on Dec. 15th at 7:00 pm, Location TBD.  Please bring a food bank donation.  (



Lest We Forget

Today is a day full of thanks, respect, and honour.

Today, when you walk out the door of your home, office, etc., be grateful that you can.  Be grateful that you live in a safe and democratic country, a country that so many men and women gave their lives to protect.  And let us talk about these men and women and remember them as the heroes they are.  Because of them a large percent of young Canadians have not had to learn first hand what war is.  So let us share their stories or bravery, triumph, sorrow, defeat, and victory.  Let us never forget the sacrifice they made, and many will continue to make, so that we are able to live in the great country of Canada today!

To all the Veterans, young and old, thank you; you’re stories and honour will never be forgotten.

Lest we forget,

The Crossing

Thanks + Giving

It’s finally here, our favourite fall feast weekend!  We’ve had visions of drumsticks, dressing, and pumpkin pie dancing in our heads for several weeks now and can almost taste it!  And although we are clearly lovers of all things ‘food’, we love what food can do even more, especially this upcoming weekend….it brings people together.

One thing that makes Thanksgiving ‘la crème de la crème’ of holidays is that it is a simple holiday; its roots are firmly planted in gathering to give thanks.  No shopping for present stressors, no figuring out why the strand of christmas lights is out, and as pretty as it is, no snow.  Really let’s all just agree that Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday!

Just as the pilgrims used to gather and feast together, being grateful for the harvest and the year to come, we too still celebrate in that tradition.  Granted, the world has changed significantly and perhaps some of the past traditions have changed but the premise is the same.  On the second Monday of October, Canadians gather with family and friends over turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the trimmings.  Most of us are very blessed; we have roofs over our heads, food on the table, and at least a few people in this world who we can really count on.  That in itself is something to be grateful for.

This year we want to offer up a bit of a ‘thanks giving’ challenge.  As much as we all relax and enjoy in each other’s company, watching the game, jumping in leaves with the kids, lingering over coffee after ‘the feast’, let’s try to be even more present.  Let’s try to take a few moments to really sit and think about everything we have to be thankful for.  One way to do this, and to really make those around you feel special, is by sharing a complement or something you are grateful for before starting dinner.  It is easy. Once everyone is sitting down one person starts and tells the person to their left (or right…whatever you choose) why you are grateful for them or something they do that you appreciate.  It is really amazing the things that come out of this.  Not only do people feel loved and appreciated, but sometimes you can learn that something you do (without even realizing it) makes a difference to someone else.  Perhaps you even want to take it a step further and during dessert share a personal event that you are thankful for that is in your life or occurred this year.  These simple exercises really push us to be present and to reflect on the abundance of good that it is in our lives.

At the end of the day there is so much to be thankful for.  Here at The Crossing we marvel every day at the beauty that surrounds us, we are grateful for the funny, hardworking, and vibrant team that makes this place tick, and obviously we have incredible clients whose loyalty, feedback, and presence allows us to live our dream of sharing this special place with others.

So to you and yours, from us and ours, we wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend!

Sweet, Sweet Summer!

It’s hard to imagine that we have already experienced two glorious months of summertime and that in a few short weeks school is back in, sun kissed skin begins to pale, and we try to remember where we packed away the fall gear.  Now, this isn’t meant to be a sad song about the end of a season, in fact it is quite the opposite.  Realistically speaking, we are lucky to have a variety of joys to celebrate in every part of the year here in  Alberta, although -40 with windchill does not make the cut.  So with that being said, we want to share our top ten loves of summer in the Rockies!  And the top ten are…..

1.  Loooonnnngg days – One if the very best things about being situated in Southern Alberta are the luxuriously long days filled with hours of sunshine!

2.  Perfect temperatures – Along with warm sunshiney days, we often have little humidity which lends itself to cool nights perfect for sleeping with the windows open and au natural air conditioning.

3.  Campfires – On the heels of #2, cool nights are the perfect setting for your favourite sweatshirt, s’more fixins, and a good ol’ campfire.  When conditions permit there are few things better than sitting around with friends and family and enjoying storytelling and star gazing.  Always be sure to check that you are in compliance with current rules and regulations before starting any fire.

4. Porches – Back, front, side….we don’t discriminate!  Any time spent on a porch in the summer is time well spent.  Whether you are having your morning coffee and reading the paper, enjoying a lazy Sunday with your nose in a good book, or having an after dinner drink just watching the world go by, there is something so relaxing of summer hours spent on a porch.

5. Books – As mentioned above, be it enjoyed on a porch swing, hammock, park bench or picnic blanket, books are the literary fruit of the season!  A little book reading under the shade of a tree can add years to your life, at least we think so;)

6. BBQ – BBQ in the summer is like hot chocolate in the winter, they’re just made for each other.  Ribs, chicken, kebabs, grilled corn on the cob…we could go on but we’re already salivating.

7.  Fresh fruit and veg – Nothing tastes better than food that’s in season!  Berries, apples, corn…the list goes on and on.  The beauty of in season produce is that it is at its peak, you barely need to do anything to it and it is guaranteed to taste divine!

8. Vacation – Though as adults summer vacation isn’t the two month holiday that young kids look forward to, there is certainly an element of nostalgia about taking some time off in the summer.  A long weekend camping or hiking, a staycation hanging out in the backyard, or a lengthy roadtrip, summer vacation brings out the kid in all of us.

9.  Stampede – Clearly this is specific to our region but who can honestly say that Stampede isn’t one of the best aspects of living in our part of Alberta?  Food, rodeo, chucks, music, art, carnival games, rides, culture, history…heck, no wonder it’s called “The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”.

10.  Wild flowers – One of the very best things that summer brings to The Crossing is acres of unique and beautiful wildflowers.  All different hues, shapes, and sizes; their simple beauty is a reminder that Mother Nature loves us all.

Get your programs here!!!

Looking for the perfect opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind?  Well, we just might be able to give you two reasons in the forms of our up and coming Fall retreats!


For all of you shutterbugs out there we are happy to welcome award winning photographer, Tracy Elliot, who will guide you through various sessions on shooting, lighting, and editing from October 16th-18th.  As always, the picturesque grounds provide a stunning backdrop to hone your craft.  All levels welcome!  See our Programs page for more details.

.Tracy Elliott Photography Workshop FINAL 2015 (2)



Additionally, we are very excited to be offering another Yoga weekend with the highly experienced and dedicated, Tracey Delfs.  Join Tracey from November 20th-22nd for a weekend of Yoga and Mindfulness where she will teach you the ‘how’ of calming your mind, mitigating daily stressors, and cultivating more contentment and happiness in your daily life.  As with the photography retreat this is an all inclusive weekend!  Just bring your mat and positive energy!  More info on our Programs page.

Tracey Delfs Yoga Retreat May 12

Please feel free to share with friends and give us a call if you would like more information.  You can reach us at 403-932-3392!

See you this fall!

Stampede 2015…Like Christmas in July!


The hustle and bustle, family and friends in from out of town, lots of food and bevvies, everyone is excited, and traditions abound!!!  And, for those of us to happen to live in the area, it is time for our proverbial “Christmas in July” or, as most people around the world know it as, STAMPEDE!!!!

Think about it, there are a multitude of similarities; endless preparation, excess fun, packed days, late nights, full bellies, empty wallets and at the end of it everyone is ready to get back to a normal routine (after a good night’s rest and a nap or two).  BUT, most people love it and, after a year goes by, are raring to go again!

Perhaps one of the things we love most about Stampede time (besides mini doughnuts), are the traditions (correction…mini doughnuts are a tradition)!  Families getting up early and staking their claim along the parade route, pancake breakfasts, little boys and girls with stars in their eyes seeing real cowboys and cowgirls in the rodeo, Country Western music filling the air, the beauty of the First Nations traditions, the Grandstand Show, we could go on!  Though we have to admit, probably the nearest and dearest to our hearts is the Western hospitality!  From the time you walk off the plane and are greeted by one of the many “White Hat” volunteers, to then endless “howdys” and handshakes, Calgary and its surrounding areas really know how to make people feel welcome!

Over the past few years, The Crossing has had the opportunity to really be seen as a place to experience Stampede events.  Last year we hosted a rocking (literally) party for the National Music Centre that was graced by performances from Canadian music icons Jim Cuddy, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Paul Brandt!  It was a night we will never forget!  This year we are looking forward to hosting a large corporate client appreciation event for one of our Calgary based customers.   Mixing business and pleasure, they will be showing their clients some Western hospitality, followed by a day of team building and meetings and then they are off to experience the Rockies!  We couldn’t have planned a better itinerary if we tried!

Overall we are grateful to seen as part of the ‘tradition’.  Stampede is such a great time, and Calgary’s surrounding areas have a lot to do with that!  Yeeeeeehaw to a fantastic 2015 STAMPEDE!!!!

Dads, this one’s for you!

It’s time to break out the BBQ, the golf clubs, the fishing tackle, and gear up for that day of the year where we show Dads how much we love them. This Sunday is Father’s Day and we want to reflect a little bit on this. Being a Dad means so many things….care giver, good cop or bad cop, fun guy who lets you do things Mom won’t, bandaid applier and boo boo kisser, world’s biggest fan (of whatever the current activity is), broken heart mender, wedding day heart giveaway-er, grandpa, cookie sneaker….the list goes on. But really, Dad is a teacher, someone who their kids look up to teach them so many things about the world. We came across a nice poem that we want to share and feel that sums up the impact of great Dads the world over….

Life Lessons by Joanna Fuchs

You may have thought I didn’t see,
Or that I hadn’t heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we’d grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It’s written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
The person I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I’ve grown up with your values,
And I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

Here at The Crossing we are proud to boast that we have a few pretty amazing Fathers and Grandfathers on our team. After working together for a couple of years it isn’t hard to see how hard they work to be able to give their all, at both home and work. In an industry like ours the hours can be long and unpredictable, which can make family life challenging at times. It takes an exceptional amount of energy, time and planning to make it all work. And, although we can have some long days out here, one thing that always brings a smile to the face of our “Crossing Dads”, is talking about their kids and grand kids. Being a Dad takes time, patience, love and presence….we would like to take a moment to let the Dads and Grandpas on our team know that we think you have all of these in spades! Have a great Father’s Day!!!

What’s Cookin’? Or Should we say…Who’s cookin’?

If there is one thing that guests always comment on during, or after, a stay at The Crossing, it’s always how great the food is! We don’t often toot our own horn but we have to agree with everyone on this! There is absolutely no question about who is responsible for the consistent, quality results that are served pipping hot through the swing door into the dining room…Chef Doug and his talented team. And, today we are happy to share that we have a new member of The Crossing family who is helping Chef Doug continue these standards of excellence, and that is Sous Chef Prasad Padte.

Settling right in with the rest of the team, Prasad has been enjoying his time at The Crossing. We’re loving getting to know him and his family and wanted you to as well.  Welcome to the family Prasad, we are happy you are here!

Read on below for Prasad’s bio which you can also find in the “Your Hosts” section of the website which features all of our full-time staff….

“I was expecting a modern banquet facility when I first visited The Crossing, but instead I found a wonderful cottage filled with antiques,warmth and a home like atmosphere. While walking around the property I came across the river side fire-pit which left me speechless.”

Prasad grew up in Bombay and gained his culinary knowledge in France and the UK working with some fabulous Chefs who believed in the ‘farm to table’ concept. Prasad feels that, “the great thing about good food, you don’t have to take mediocre ingredients & fancy them up. What I like about The Crossing kitchen is that everything is made in-house, you just get fresh ingredients and let the flavors talk for themselves.”

Five years ago, Prasad and his wife Shilpa, immigrated to Canada and made Calgary their home. They love travelling and learning about new cultures and cuisine, spending their days off exploring this beautiful province and country.