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Tour of The Crossing at Ghost River

Welcome to The Crossing at Ghost River, we’d love to show you around! Experience all that The Crossing has to offer and read on to explore our unique indoor and outdoor spaces.

Crossing Map


Let’s start our tour with the Remington House, a colonial style building with an inviting atmosphere, two wood burning fireplaces and home to the central common areas here at The Crossing. On the main floor of Remington you will find the dining room, living room and our lovely sun room. Our bright dining room is the main area for all our meals, from delicious breakfasts for our bed & breakfast guests to the meals we serve our meeting and event attendees. On the second floor of The Remington House we have 17 bedrooms that are charmingly furnished with antiques, comfortable quilts and special touches. All of our bedrooms have their own unique views and private ensuites. Our bedrooms at The Crossing are purposely designed without phones and televisions for our guests to able to unwind, relax and recharge.

Remington House


Adjacent to the Remington House and connected by expansive decks is the Deere House. The Deere House hosts our main meeting and conference room as well as 10 more guest rooms. These guest rooms follow the same aesthetic as the rest of the property and feature unique antiquities in every room. The flexible meeting space in this building boasts big windows, a cozy fireplace and has everything you need to hold your meeting, training workshop or retreat. Next to the meeting space is our lounge area with pool table, ping pong table, darts and couches. This is a great spot for guests to comfortably connect post-meeting, outside the boardroom or after an evening event or wedding reception.

deere house event venue

deere house event venue

Accommodations & Bedrooms at The Crossing at Ghost River


Across the expansive lawn from Remington House is the Pine Loft. Originally built as a barn, it is now a flexible meeting space that offers an inspirational environment for your special event, meeting or retreat. The upstairs loft space is the primary meeting area with wood panelled walls, soaring ceilings, large windows, and sliding glass doors that lead to a large deck. The main level is an inviting environment for breakouts with plenty of natural light, a wood burning stove and comfortable seating. In-room catering is available in the Pine Loft and it is a rustic, charming and functional venue for hosting everything from weddings to workshops.

pine loft events weddings venue

pine loft events weddings venue

pine loft events weddings venue

pine loft events weddings venue


A few minutes walk from the Pine Loft is the River House, our seasonal screened pavilion that overlooks the banks of the Ghost River. With its screened in sides and natural river rock fireplace, it’s a versatile event space designed to bring the outside in. Perfect for group work, brainstorming sessions, weddings, BBQ’s and outdoor activities, our River House is a favourite for so many reasons. Hosting an event in this one-of-a-kind space can help increase productivity and reinvigorate attendees. Embrace this versatile space for your next event and we know you will be thrilled.

river house event wedding venue calgary cochrane

outdoor wedding calgary cochrane alberta

River House - Meeting and wedding venue calgary & Cochrane AB


The expansive decks here at The Crossing are one of the unique features that we love sharing  with guests. We have multiple decks around the Remington House, including the second floor, and also around Deere House and at our Pine Loft. Use our decks for coffee breaks during your meetings or brainstorming sessions outdoors and reap the benefits of fresh air and a change of scenery for your attendees.

Facilities Deere House

Remington House

remington house alberta event venue

Our sprawling lawns are the perfect spot for your retreat activities, team building exercises and wedding ceremonies. Take advantage of our open spaces and use them as part of your next meeting or event.

the crossing event center near Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta re-opens 2020

Situated on 145 scenic acres, we have plenty of outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Come take in the views and fresh air on a walk down to the river and be rejuvenated by the tranquillity of our natural environment.

Our fire pit down by the river is the perfect accompaniment to a corporate meeting or retreat. A circle of chairs around the crackling fire is a wonderful change of pace from your typical meeting or work day. Explore all our outdoor gathering places and come experience all the ways The Crossing is a truly unique venue.

We would love to talk to you about the endless meeting, event and wedding possibilities at The Crossing, give us a call or send us a note here!

Corporate Team Building in an Indoor and Outdoor Retreat near Calgary & Cochrane

Why Is Corporate Team Building Needed More Than Ever In 2020?

Corporate Team Building in an Indoor and Outdoor Retreat near Calgary & Cochrane

The need for corporate team building in this unprecedented era cannot be underestimated. Team building helps its participants gain a better understanding of the shared goals, work plans and strategies within their corporate environment. It also helps to improve team members’ roles and responsibilities for more effective day-to-day communication and overall performance.

The “Crossing Experience” includes unique Calgary team building retreats in a peaceful and natural setting, away from the usual (and unusual) stressors and distractions of our daily life. We recognize the importance of having interpersonal qualities of trust, communication and mutual accountability.

With this perspective, our team building activities help a company improve their team’s ability to achieve a higher level of performance. Team building, is proving to be a powerful asset and advantage in 2020. It can help to make a company run more smoothly, efficiently and can improve the overall working environment by introducing new interpersonal skills in a fun and relaxed manner.

What is Corporate Team Building and How Can It Help Your Company?

Corporate team building involves a wide range of activities, which are designed for improving team performance. With corporate team building events and activities at The Crossing at Ghost River, it is much easier to bring out the best in a team, ensuring self-development, and positive communication.

We also hone leadership skills while rejuvenating the team’s spirit and morale. Calgary area corporate team building activities helps local Calgary businesses’ management and employees to strengthen the ability to work closely together to solve problems.  There are new, exciting synergies to be gained from higher levels of involvement within these personal, interpersonal and group dynamics.

With team building, your company’s managers also get an opportunity to improve cohesiveness and productivity. Our conference facilities and retreat center located near Cochrane, Alberta create an open and equipped team-oriented environment. This enables participants to gain collaborative skills that contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Team Building Activities in a Safe, Caring Environment

Despite the slowdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has still shown us ways that we can come together and overcome obstacles as individuals, families, businesses and as a community. At the Crossing, we offer a very safe place to hold a team building retreat, as our facilities are under approved COVID-19 guidelines and are exclusively available to your team and not  shared with other groups. Incorporating teamwork into our workplace environment fosters respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, and caring for employees, rather than exploiting or dictating to them. Showing compassion and knowing how to collaborate during times of crisis, is key to our success.

Going forward into this new decade, the need for corporate team building will keep increasing as more businesses seek support and new ways to improve their corporate culture. This includes the need to turn away from harmful business practices such as adverse reactions to decreased productivity, lack of imagination and innovation, conflicts and hostility among staff and sometimes ineffective meetings among many more problems.

Stellar teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organizations. Empowered teams get the best results, so empowering your employees has more to do with attitude and behavior than processes and tools. Team building helps to deepen the “Why” and improve the “How”, to bring the company’s vision into reality.

Globalization has created a growing need to cater to niche markets and to be able to compete on cost and innovation, resulting in companies no longer relying on mass production and economies of scale to compete in the marketplace. With this paradigm shift, teams give employees more autonomy, participation, and ownership regarding decisions, which maximizes organizational innovation. This shift results in an environment where employees are given goals, or develop them with their leaders, and then they are free to decide on the best method of achieving the goals.

Team building during COVID 2020 near Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta at The Crossing at Ghost River.

Top 9 Benefits of Corporate Team Building in 2020

When you hear the word team building, what comes into your mind? Here at the Crossing at Ghost River, corporate team building is about understanding, developing, appreciating and maximizing the people in your team and the team as a unified group.

We know that the most successful and memorable corporate team building events don’t feel like a day at the office. It is a positive event that nurtures a productive, motivated and happy team by the end of the activities. To help illustrate, here are nine key benefits that a business or organization can attain by including corporate team building and corporate wellness programs in their company’s activities.

1. Building Trust

It takes time to build trust in the workplace, and this should be placed at the top of your to-do list. Trust inspires your workers and motivates them. Trust boosts their productivity and encourages engagement and consequently strengthens trust with your customers and suppliers. Through the tasks and exercises in a corporate team building program, participants get to learn more about each other. They get to know their strengths, weaknesses, fears, and capabilities. These lessons contribute to a deeper relationship and trust among team members. Hopefully, you’ve hired someone that you trust, and now is the time to ensure that this person also trusts you. Therefore, as a leader, it’s up to you to build and maintain trust in your workplace.

2. Teamwork

Corporate team building creates a focus on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make you a better team through proven, effective games, exercises and events.

3. Leadership

Leadership is a vital component of any team. Therefore, structured corporate team building and wellness activities at our Cochrane conference center, helps to identify leadership qualities in individuals and highlights areas where all employees can improve and contribute.

4. Communication

For any corporate team to achieve high performance, excellent communication is essential at all levels of the company’s structure. Properly managed corporate team building events break down communication barriers within each level and also between these levels. Our Calgary area location offers professional facilities and events that easily and effectively explore the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to get your team performing their best.

5. Team Bonding

The importance of bonding in the workplace cannot be underrated. Bonding creates that sense of looking out for each other and helps build trust among your team members. At the Crossing at Ghost River, we are the ice-breakers. Our corporate wellness programs, corporate team building games and corporate team building events provide the opportunity to learn about each other in a non-threatening, fun-filled environment.

6. Having Fun

Often overlooked, it remains one of the most important benefits to have in the workplace. Humans are more productive and learn more easily and quickly when they have fun during the process. With Corporate team building activities, the Crossing at Ghost River reinforces the value of having fun in the workplace and the positive outcomes that can be achieved when fun is involved.

7. Company Culture

Organizing corporate team building events, games, and corporate wellness programs helps to reinforce the company’s values, mission, and vision, which eventually contributes to the overall organizational culture. In addition to this reinforcement, a team event like this will help your company evolve and expand in the future, as your team explores new ways to improve and grow the company as they improve themselves.

8. Responsibility and Accountability

Every team member has a role to contribute in a team. Taking accountability and responsibility for a role ensures fulfilment or provides valuable lessons for the future. Corporate team building meetings and leadership workshops at our Cochrane conference center reinforces how taking responsibility and accountability are vital contributors to team performance.

9. Results-Focused Activities

Corporate team building activities can be structured to focus primarily on results. For example, team building activities can be used to achieve a real goal, such as developing a new marketing strategy for the company. Moreover, if other benefits are achieved through team building, such as leadership and better communication, they ultimately lead to more robust results.

How Corporate Team Building Will Help Your Company in 2020 and Beyond

Teamwork is the foundation of success, whether it is a national sports team, a local community group or any size of business. Those in charge of the team will be able to reach their goals and out-perform their competition when their team members work best together.

Corporations with high performing teams are more successful and can see a significant boost in their bottom line. It is important to note that strong teams don’t just happen by hiring qualified employees; they require corporate team building activities and events designed to bring them closer. For this reason, team building at the Crossing at Ghost River helps bring a workforce together and motivates them to work collaboratively.

Corporate team building exercises can be held outside the office to give employees an easy way to interact with each other in a non-work-related environment. An outdoor environment naturally relaxes us and increases our sense of adventure. To help our clients even further, we offer our Crossing Connectors activities that encourage teams to work together to solve a problem.

Are you ready to explore how your team can improve its communication, productivity and have some fun while you’re at it?

Contact us today to discuss your team building program or event needs!

near banff elopement packages alberta at The Crossing at Ghost River, wedding venue

The Benefits of Elopement and Why it Makes Sense in 2020

There’s something so wildly romantic about eloping. Imagine getting married in a dream location during the most intimate and meaningful ceremony. The focus is entirely on just the two of you and perhaps a few special guests who you can’t imagine leaving behind.

While eloping has been a growing bridal trend for a while, now due to COVID-19 even more engaged couples are looking for the best places to elope. Wedding venues, such as The Crossing at Ghost River near Calgary, Alberta, are responding to the heightened demand by designing elopement packages especially tailored for the bride and groom who are looking for a small and personal wedding experience.

What Are the Benefits of Eloping in 2020?

Previously a main reason for many couples to elope was to save money, and indeed you will save a lot by eloping if you don’t have to provide food and drink for 100 guests (actually one of the biggest wedding day expenses). But instead of downsizing the whole wedding day many couples are putting that saved money into treating themselves to a more high-end, extravagant day.

Eloping in 2020 makes sense due to the COVID-19 restrictions that are being imposed domestically and world-wide. We don’t know if these rules will continue far into the future so planning to elope is a safe option so you can plan your wedding and remain stress-free with complete peace of mind. The wedding planning process should be fun and enjoyable, not stressful. So, eloping can help brides and grooms retain the joyful experience of planning their wedding.

Where Are the Best Places to Elope?

Without having guests to consider the options of venue opens up a new world of possibilities. Couples are finding venues that are more luxurious since they don’t need to worry if all guests can afford the accommodation.

Also they are choosing to elope to more remote and unusual places – being surrounded by nature with rustic, rural vibes, getting married on a mountain top or tying the knot in the forest next to a flowing river – they can have what their hearts desire with epic wedding photos as an added bonus. Plus, without guests there is more time for the couple photography. Photographers are loving having opportunities to take iconic shots of loved up newlyweds who don’t have to rush back to join their wedding guests.

An elopement can be a dreamy experience as you have so much time to focus on yourselves as a couple. The excitement levels are possibly higher since you are putting your energy into enjoying the location, talking about the big day with each other constantly and just being in the moment. Your time is all about your love, your wedding and your dreams of a wonderful future together.

There’s no uncomfortable wedding rehearsal, long welcome dinner or hour-long conversations with Uncle Joe about how he would have been a wedding photographer but now it’s just his hobby…sorry, all that precious time is going to be spent in a different way because you are eloping! Instead you will be roaming around your wedding venue enjoying the beauty of the place and taking leisurely cocktail hours for two whenever you please for days on end. At this point you might be wondering why eloping wasn’t the plan all along!

Be Treated Like a Super Star

In the wedding industry wedding professionals and venues are stepping up the game and offering eloping couples a very personalized and special level of service for their wedding day and entire stay. As we’ve mentioned, The Crossing at Ghost River in Alberta, Canada is one place you can expect to be treated like a super star.

General manager, Jori Guetg, says it’s a joy to work with couples who are choosing to elope in Alberta.

“Couples are coming to us with enthusiasm about their elopement wedding. They see it as a fun and creative way to get married in today’s social and economic conditions. Enquires have been increasing a lot since the Coronavirus outbreak with couples asking about elopement packages to make their day unique.”

“We welcome couples who are planning to elope and are so excited to make sure their weddings are intimate and beautiful events that will be a highlight of their life. The Crossing is one of the best places for eloping in Alberta. We are blessed with the most gorgeous natural surroundings with several ceremony backdrops that quintessentially Canadian and so perfect for small weddings and elopements.”

Elopement Packages Calgary, Cochrane and Southern Alberta

The best wedding elopement packages should also include quality options for photography and videography. It is more important than ever as couples are sharing their day with friends and family when they get home either online or with another celebration planned for a later date when larger gatherings are hopefully allowed.

Relax and Have Fun!

Finally, you can relax, be yourself, be silly, be nervous, be hyped-up excited as you are eloping with only the two of you, holding hands in a beautiful place on the best day of your life. There’s a lot more of a relaxed atmosphere in the air when you have a small wedding or wedding with just the two of you.

These are just some of the great benefits of eloping in 2020 or beyond and there are some wonderful highlights and definite reasons to elope.

Let’s get this wedding started!

Contact The Crossing at Ghost River to discuss your elopement package today!

the crossing event center near Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta re-opens 2020

The Crossing at Ghost River Re-Opens for Small Meetings & Outdoor Events

the crossing event center reopens covid 2020

With the Alberta Government announcement and easing of COVID-19 restrictions, The Crossing at Ghost River is excited to welcome guests again for meetings, events and outdoor gatherings.

“We have developed comprehensive procedures working within Alberta Heath Services guidelines to deliver a safe meeting or retreat experience for our guests and staff.” says Jori Guetg, The Crossing’s general manager.

As of June 1st, 2020, The Crossing is able to open its doors to small groups. With the onset of warmer spring and summer days, cooped up Albertans are eager to re-emerge and re-connect, but still with consideration and respect to the ongoing concerns around COVID-19.

It’s been a challenging year for Albertans, as it has been for everyone around the globe. With the physical precautions we have all taken, including major shifts in working from home, self-isolation and social distancing, we have also faced the debilitating effects on our emotional and mental states.

the crossing event center re-opens with covid guidelines in place for June 2020

About The Crossing at Ghost River

The Crossing at Ghost River is a unique space that focuses on supporting individual and group wellness and healthy activities, something that is even more needed in times like these.

With specialized offerings for small groups, personal retreats, engaging programs and small weddings, The Crossing helps individuals reconnect in a healthy, conscious way. Nestled in 145 acres of rolling Albertan foothills beside the beautiful Ghost River, the event center is a perfect setting for your group’s re-emergence.

the crossing reopens with covid procedures for June 2020

With its re-opening, The Crossing welcomes back many returning guests and also new guests, who seek a safe group experience with staff members ready to serve and support their guests within the guidelines and procedures currently required including physical distancing, screening guidelines and sanitation strategies to create a safe and rewarding experience for all involved.

Procedure Documents for Small Meetings & Outdoor Gatherings

For more information please review the following PDF documents for small indoor meetings and outdoor gatherings:

COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for Meetings & Events at The Crossing (PDF)

More Information

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific needs or concerns, please call 403-932-3392 or email us at As always, we are looking forward to welcoming you back to The Crossing.

The Crossing at Ghost River and Veterans Association Food Bank covid outreach calgary cochrane 2020

Local 5-Star Kitchen Gives Back to Cochrane Community

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to weave its way across the globe, many individuals, right here in Cochrane and Calgary, are feeling the impact. The effects are not only health-related, but also financial due to job loss. There is also an increase in loneliness and loss of hope as a result of social-distancing and self-isolation.

During this uniquely challenging time, people may be feeling a sense of loss of freedom. However, some members of our community, who already face barriers like poverty, homelessness and social isolation, need our help now more than ever.

This unique situation has undeniably created many challenges. However, this has also prompted some businesses to ask how they can re-focus their resources to help those in need.

The Crossing at Ghost River has been a popular venue for decades as a conference and retreat centre. It is well known for its beautiful riverside setting and exceptional hospitality. Many have enjoyed the space and facilities during their conferences, meetings, retreats and workshops, not to mention The Crossing’s own special events.

Unfortunately, like many other organizations, The Crossing at Ghost River is closed for business during these unprecedented times. However, the Crossing’s dedicated team is not standing still! They have decided to give back to the community and introduced a grassroots community outreach initiative.

The Crossing at Ghost River and Veterans Association Food Bank covid outreach calgary cochrane 2020

Doug Ghanam, Executive Chef at The Crossing at Ghost River (far right) at the Veterans Association Food Bank in Calgary

The Crossing has partnered with local community members, such as “Helping Hands Society” in Cochrane, “Homes for Heroes” and the “Veterans Association Food Bank” in Calgary. The event venue and its partners provide people in need with nutritious, healthy and wholesome meals.

“Take Care of your Community and your Community Will Take Care of You”

Their experienced 5-Star kitchen team is keeping busy. Each week, the team is preparing and delivering approximately 100 individual meals, 100 containers of soup and 20 food hampers to these organizations.

The Crossing’s general manager, Jori Guetg, affirms, “We are pleased to help during these unprecedented times. We hope the meals will bring a smile and provide much needed support to those in need.”

The Crossing at Ghost River is planning a Mother’s Day 2020 fund raising event. It will prepare a brunch dish (meals for two) that people can pick up and enjoy on Mother’s Day. 100% of the event’s proceeds will buy food to prepare more meals for the local charities. More details to be announced shortly.

2019/2020 Wedding Trends

According to the experts in the wedding industry, one of the big trends in weddings for 2019/2020 is choosing unique and alternative style venues.

Our “Alternative Wedding Venue” fits right in with the trends!

One 2019 wedding trend that is gaining momentum is the “alternative wedding venue” as couples are looking for something unique. Country Chic settings, Industrial-chic spaces, rooftops, theatres, greenhouses, galleries and brewery style venues are rising in popularity and are definitely worth considering for your big day.

No longer is the typical community centre, banquet hall or hotel the norm. Modern couples are looking for a more expressive wedding experience. Unique venues are in!

Our amazing 145 acres of the most beautiful natural setting anywhere provides a wedding experience unique and unlike any other. How could anything match the beautiful venues (3 or them) the stunning views, the Ghost River running right through the property and so much more. Having your guests join you for the weekend is another new trend and it doesn’t have to mean a faraway destination. We are just 1 hour from downtown Calgary, 15 minutes outside Cochrane, and yet when you enter our property you feel like you are in another world.

The peaceful tranquil surroundings immediately relaxes you. Can you imagine your day in such surroundings? Your guests arriving to enjoy this amazing property with you for the weekend (Our Deluxe or Dream Wedding Weekend Packages), in complete privacy.

Inside and outside activities are there for everyone’s enjoyment. A wonderful hike, a little time sitting down by the river or enjoying our decks that offer stunning views in every direction. Or how about a wonderful visit in our Remington House sitting room, including the beautiful sun room. If the weather is inclement then the social room is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a game of pool or just relaxing by the fireplace in perfect harmony. A unique and wonderful wedding weekend experience.

Combining Elegance and Country Chic Charm

A little can go a long way in creating the country chic wedding of your dreams. Incorporating our antique furniture pieces into your decor can bring it all together.

Unique arrangements incorporated with our very unique furnishings!

Yes, many couples will still go for traditional floral arrangements in 2019, but a fair few are expected to shake things up and opt for alternative decor in their centre pieces and bouquets. Larger arrangements will flaunt cotton branches and pampas plumes. Adding elegance and charm to the already stunning venue.

We are on Trend with our Unique Ceremony settings and beautiful Reception Venues

A ceremony on the riverbank of the beautiful Ghost River is an experience everyone will remember forever. It is unique and so stunning! A Wedding Photographers Dream!

Small intimate and elegant Wedding/Reception Spaces in a unique country chic setting sets the tone for a wonderful Wedding Ceremony and Reception Celebration!

When you choose The Crossing at Ghost River, you really do get a very unique wedding experience and one that is really on trend with our modern couples for 2019/2020!

Plan a rustic barn wedding or outdoor wedding in the Beautiful Foothills near Calgary

The Crossing’s country chic destination style wedding package includes a team of professionals who specialize in creating a wedding experience unlike any other.

The peacefulness and charm can be felt from the moment you arrive. What better way to plan a wedding than to simply arrive and have everything you need all in one place. You and your guests will enjoy the privacy of this 145 acre property and all it has to offer for the weekend.

Our Remington House provides 27 guest rooms, sitting areas, decks overlooking the property and with a 5 star culinary team to enhance your stay, what more could you ask for. Decorated in perfect country style it is warm and inviting.

Our guest rooms are all beautifully decorated to suit the country style and provide a charm and elegance to the whole experience.

Just minutes from the banks of the Ghost River our “River House” with its screen in walls provides a stunning setting for your wedding ceremony, it is something out of a dream for every couple. The River House is perfect for a summer wedding or a warm spring or fall day.

After the ceremony a beautiful cocktail reception can be arranged for your guests while you spend time with your photographer to get some of the most amazing photos. Where else can you have a river as a backdrop and stunning landscape for your wedding pictures?

Once pictures are done, you and your guests will make their way to the reception in our charming country chic Pine Loft Barn. Especially designed to maintain the charm and authentic country setting the Pine Loft promises to please everyone. Our dedicated team will see to you and your guests every need and the food is guaranteed to be outstanding.

After the wedding celebration, dinner and dance and the evening is complete your guests are free to retire to their rooms or enjoy some time in the Deere House social room to relax and reflect on the day. This is a very private intimate space to enjoy at any time during your stay with us.

The next morning you and your guests are free to explore the property before enjoying a wonderful breakfast or brunch in the Remington House.

All in all our “country chic destination style wedding package” can make your dream wedding come true!

Natural Charm and Elegance for your Unique Day!

It’s your wedding day! You want to do something unique for your celebration, but whatever can you do?

Check out the natural charm and elegance of the
“River House Wedding Package”.

Breaking away from tradition can be challenging but it often allows for new and exciting opportunities! At The Crossing at Ghost River we feel we have created one of the most amazing non-traditional wedding day experiences anywhere.

Imagine the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer morning down by the river – a beautiful setting. Your ceremony’s backdrop is a stunning view of the river, the water quietly burbling in the background.

From there your photo ops are endless. Incredible scenery can be found wherever you look, from the shoreline of the river to shady paths among the birch trees or a field of wildflowers, you are sure to find a setting that suits you. It’s a photographers dream!

The beautiful River House pavilion adds a natural elegance to your reception.  Imagine a lovely champagne luncheon accompanied by soft music playing in the background and the screened pavilion walls providing stunning views in every direction!

Your guests will be surprised and delighted as the unparalleled view, the natural elegance of the River House, the warmth of the service staff and the incredible food all come together to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

Add some champagne, a few speeches and maybe a cake service to a lovely afternoon of visiting and enjoying the setting and you have just had one of the most unique and special wedding experiences available!

Stunning Winter Weddings

The Crossing at Ghost River provides the most stunning setting for a winter wedding.

A truly enchanting setting is waiting for you at The Crossing during the winter season! Everything is covered in glittering snow and the air is crisp and clear and more peaceful than you can imagine. It is quiet and tranquil and you can really feel its charm.

Everything is beautifully decorated during the Christmas season, so there is really nothing more that needs to be done to make your wedding decor complete.

As you enter the elegant and charming Remington house, you will find a warm and inviting sitting area arranged around a beautiful fireplace. Throughout the main floor, other sitting areas display views of the grounds in every direction. The kitchen, located at the center, fills the house with delicious aromas.

The most peaceful feelings will fill you as you view the grounds from the windows of the house. You and your guests will be thrilled with the private setting.

The Crossing at any time of year is magical, but during winter it’s even more so. Come check us out for your winter wedding – we promise it will charm and delight you!!