Happy 10th Anniversary Ghost Watershed Alliance Society!

Water, where would we be without it?

This week we want to highlight a very special local group who are working hard to bring about awareness of the Ghost Watershed.  This Sunday marks the celebration of the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society’s (GWAS) 10th Anniversary and will be filled with an afternoon of music, education, thanks, and last but not least cake!

Research, education, preservation and enjoyment are all words that can be associated with how the GWAS has involved itself with the 1000sq kms of surface and groundwater that comprises the Ghost Watershed.  As shared on their website, “the GWAS has set its mission to identify ecosystem and environmental issues affecting the watershed of the Ghost-Waiparous, raise public awareness and work towards resolving these issues.”  Through events such as “Walks in the Watershed”, Open Houses, and educational visits to local schools, the GWAS brings focus to the realities of how a variety of everyday interactions, both natural and human, affect this amazing ecosystem and how one can help preserve it.

The Crossing is happy to be involved with GWAS through providing a fitting location for their Anniversary celebration.  An afternoon concert featuring the sweet sounds of local musicians Emily Jill West, Terry William Clark, and 15 year-old Alysse Ernewein are sure to set the mood for an enjoyable event.  If you are interested in attending, free for the first 100 people, please rsvp to [email protected] as capacity is limited and reservations are required for all attendees.

Connection to and through the land, water, music, friends and family are precisely what The Crossing hopes to provide to those who visit our special place.  We are extremely happy to be able to support the efforts and commitment that the GWAS has demonstrated to sharing the importance of one of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts, water.

If you would like to learn more about Ghost Watershed Alliance, or how you can support or become involved, please visit their website at www.ghostwatershed.ca.

Enjoy the weekend!