Gratitude….a daily gift!

To give is to receive.

When you look up the word gratitude in the dictionary, a definition something to the effect of, “feeling or being grateful or thankful” is likely to appear.  Gratitude is a gift, a daily gift that we can give ourselves, others, nature… the possibilities are truly limitless.  It is important to show gratitude everyday.  Not only does it remind us of all the incredible things that we have in our lives, but, in recognizing that we have much to be grateful for, it sets us up to approach the day in a different manner, a more kind, patient, thankful manner.  You will be amazed how this changes you and the affect it has on others.

It has been a while since we have shared a blog post, and we can’t imagine a more important topic to write about to get us back on track.  In this lapse of time our beautiful little retreat has been growing and flourishing.  Everyday we are grateful to be able to do what we do, the setting we are able to do it in, and whom we are able to do it with.  We are thankful to share the beauty of the Ghost River valley, to provide a comfortable and inspiring space to exchange ideas, a gathering table to appreciate delicious food and drink and to foster relationships, and the opportunity to meet so many incredible people who come through our doors.  No matter the season, The Crossing always evokes feelings of gratitude.

With the weekend arriving quickly, we would like to leave you with this beautiful message about gratitude.  This YouTube clip, a TED Talk by award winning cinematographer, director and producer, Louie Schwartzberg, perfectly embodies the simplicity and beauty of what gratitude really is.  Give yourself a gift, the gift of 10 uninterrupted minutes to enjoy and be grateful.

Have a safe and happy weekend!