Flavours of Fall

As the golden days of summer shorten into the crisp rustic coloured days of fall one thing is for certain at The Crossing, the cuisine just keeps getting better and better. And, what perfect timing to introduce a new irresistible menu then to start prepping ourselves with that extra winter layer, Albertan’s you know what we are talking about. When it is -40 having a little additional ‘insulation’ never seems to garner many complaints.

Chef Doug and his team have done it again! They have created a circus for the senses; wild rice fritters, sour cherry rosemary sauce, dauphinoise potatoes, Madeira reduction, and to think these are only the side shows, not even the main event! With the smells and colours of fall all around, an inspiring batch of tasty root vegetables, members of the onion family, and everyone’s favourites, well ours at least, potatoes, done up every which way possible, it is hard to pick just one dish to devour!

If it isn’t obvious already, this week’s blog post focuses on our new fall dinner menu. Take a moment to read through and see what dishes you think your group would enjoy the most. We dare you to not daydream about sharing these great meals with your team in our cozy dining room beside a crackling fire while the wind whips through the river valley scattering gold and rust coloured leaves around like fall confetti….see we knew you couldn’t do it!

 Enjoy the weekend!