Deck the Halls – Part 4 The Christmas Cookie Chapter!

It’s truly one of the best parts of the holidays…fresh baked cookies!!! Don’t pretend like the big guy in the red suit is the only one who has an affinity for them; you have to have Herculean will not to succumb to the tasty treats of the season (at least that is what I say to make myself feel better)!

And who better to share an irresistible Christmas cookie recipe then our own master of the culinary domain, jolly Chef Doug (just look at his team picture, he’s a teddy bear)! When sending me the recipe Chef told me that, “this was a recipe I made every Christmas with my mother when I was young.” If that doesn’t qualify as certified Christmas culinary success, a tried and true favourite recipe from a Chef, then I don’t know what does.

Elegant, yet simple, tasty, yet easy, this is the perfect cookie to add to your baking repetoire this year!

Thanks Chef Doug for sharing this gift with us to enjoy with our friends and family this holiday season.

Almond Cookies

1 cup unsalted butter
8 oz almond paste
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
3 cups all-purpose flour, not sifted

Baking Instructions
1) Cream together butter and almond paste in large bowl. Add in sugar, be sure to scrape the sides of bowl making sure the mixture is a smooth texture.
2) Add the egg into the mixture.
3) Gradually add flour until dough comes together, be careful not to over mix!
4) Dough can be shaped into a log, chilled and cut into 1/8 inch thick slices, or dough can be rolled out on a lightly floured table to 1/8 inch thickness and cut into festive shapes and transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet, paint with a thin coat of egg white tinted with food colouring.
5) Bake at 325F for 10-12 minutes. Bottom of cookies should be pale brown; the tops of cookies should not take on much colour.
6) Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

Take in the sights and sounds of the season and enjoy the weekend!