Community Connection!

Out here at The Crossing it’s all about connection, and what better way to connect than to do so through our community!

This week the cozy main floor of Remington House played host to our friends and neighbours in what is turning out to be an annual community dinner.  It is a great way to stay connected to the community, share information, and visit with friends.  Not to mention the opportunity to show off in the kitchen, just a little bit, which no one seemed to object to!  As promised Chef Ghanam and his team prepared nothing short of a feast, which left all of us eyeing up the comfy couches post indulgence.

We were so pleased with the turn out as sometimes we don’t always get to visit as much as we would like. When you are sitting on 145 beautiful acres it is a bit of a walk to borrow a cup of sugar.

As the evening progressed tours of the buildings were provided which allowed for us to share the numerous projects and upgrades that had been completed in the past year.  I am happy to report that all of the hard work is paying off and we received glowing reviews!

It was a fantastic opportunity to break bread, share stories, and have a few laughs!  The local community means so much to The Crossing and we look forward to continuing to develope opportunities which create connection and give back.  The conversations from this dinner allow us to get a better insight into what the community needs and how we can be a part of that.

It was a great night where the hugs outnumered the handshakes and The team at The Crossing would like to thank everyone for coming; we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!