‘Check In’ To 2015

We have just officially surpassed the first week of the New Year and we must say 2015 has a nice ring to it!

Call it hokey, superstitious, following the masses, etc., but the New Year really is a fresh start. Not that you can’t make a fresh start whenever you choose, but why not use the momentum of the universe to help you along? And what better way to make a fresh start than to set some goals! Here at The Crossing, our goal for 2015 is to focus on ‘checking in’. It seems appropriate for an overnight retreat centre, right!?!? But in all seriousness, we mean ‘checking in’ in a variety of ways, including checking out.

Check in with….yourself.
What do you want out of this year for you and only you? These are things that make you feel good, are positive, and contribute to you being an even better version of you. Do you love to read but somehow between work, juggling the kids’ schedules, hectic travel, etc., it has fallen by the wayside? What about dancing, painting, cooking, writing? Whatever activity it is that you loved that has somehow been shelved over time, try to find some time to shake the dust off.  Perhaps scheduling an hour a week, or even 15-30 mins a few days a week if you need more flexibility, can rekindle a part of you that you had forgotten about.

Check in with …..family and friends.
With people becoming busier and busier, it can sometimes happen that those who we want to spend the most time with actually get the least. Is there one night a week that the entire family is home? Get everyone around the dinner table and make it a standing date. Or perhaps a dinner party and game night with friends; make it monthly date and take turns hosting.

Check in with…work.
Start 2015 with a fresh perspective on what work means to you. The reality is that not everyone is currently working in their absolute dream job everyday, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of takeaways. Create an opportunity to speak with your boss on how you can become more involved in areas of your job that you are really passionate about.  Is there a social committee or rec sports league that you could join with your colleagues? We spend a significant portion of our day with our ‘work family’, these relationships need nurturing and investment just like the ones we have at home. Working with a great team who is supportive and encouraging makes a huge impact, not only on our performance, but on our day to day happiness as well.

Check in with your…body.                                                                                                                                             Take stock of how you physically feel. Is your shoulder still bothering you from that first heavy snow shovel? Do you have your yearly checkup penciled in with your physician yet? Are you waking up feeling ready for the day or wanting to hit snooze one more time?  Have you been wanting to dig out the skis for the last 3 winters? Wanting to break out of the take out food habit and rekindle the fire with your stove? Our bodies are miraculous machines, but like all machines they need repair, maintenance and downtime! Small changes can lead to big results, and often the better you feel the easier it is to keep on track. Try simple things like…. powering down all electronics at least a half hour before bed time, substitute an herbal tea for one of your coffees during the day, make plans with a friend to hit the slopes/gym/new class so that you are less likely to bow out, schedule your yearly checkup to fall on your birthday (you won’t forget and is there a better gift to give yourself than your health?), find a great recipe app that can make homemade meals work with your schedule and budget. And last but not least, check out…give yourself a day off every once and while.

The New Year gives us a chance to refocus, reset and revive!  Big changes and goals are fantastic, but make sure to pick a few small things that you know will be easy to incorporate into your day to day life.  The motivation that you will get from achieving these small steps will help you continue to build on your success throughout the year!

All of the very best in 2015!