Casting for Life

This week we would like to promote a very special group that is very near and dear to our hearts.

We encourage all of you to check out their website and perhaps join in on their event here at The Crossing. Casting for Life is a non-profit registered charity formed in 1997.  It was created to provide women recovering from breast cancer with the opportunity to learn the sport of fly fishing and the art of fly tying in the beautiful and enriching environment of a three day retreat. The three day weekend retreat will be held here at The Crossing.  Four-five volunteers and a maximum of 16 participants attend the Casting for Life retreat.  By keeping the numbers low they are able to have an intimate setting that allows hopes and dreams or worries and fears to be shared in a caring, empathetic setting. This retreat is open to women who are breast cancer survivors, whose treatment has been completed and who have not previously attended Casting for Life. Although the focus for the weekend is on fly fishing, you do not need to have any experience fishing or fly fishing – just a desire to learn and make some new friends. Please go to their website for further information.