Bringing the Past to Life – Our Friends at Hall’s Auction Services

An armoire here, a barley twist table there, lovely china in a variety of patterns, intricate wood inlay tables, handcrafted desks where hours of letters were written…

The ambiance of yesteryear created at The Crossing wouldn’t have been possible without the help and expertise of our friends at Hall’s Auction Services in Calgary.  Among the leaders of Western Canada’s auction companies, Hall’s was founded in 1979 and has been, “conducting sales of antiques, fine furniture, collectibles, fine art, objets d’art and jewelry for estates” and call an 8,000sq ft warehouse and retail space in the south east of Calgary ‘home’.

Friendly and extremely knowledgeable, the team at Hall’s is sure to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  They recognize the quality and craftsmanship of items created in years gone by, and can help them find a new home where their beauty radiates.  Hall’s hosts a variety of auctions and sales in addition to other services such as appraisals, short term storage solutions, and free and confidential auction assessments.

If you are in the market for something old but new, or are just looking to admire the design and quality of days past, go and visit our friends at Hall’s

Enjoy the weekend!


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Last week we introduced you to a great local organisation, the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society, who were going to be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with an outdoor concert and events at The Crossing.  Mother Nature must have realised the good work that they are doing and bestowed a beautiful day on all those in attendance with warm summer temperatures and sunny blue skies.  Overall the event was a huge success with excellent attendance and fun had by all!

It is important to chronicle these times of celebration and share their impact and positivity.  Ghost Watershed Alliance Society was happy to have Susan Cooper Parker in attendance who was able to capture the magic of the day.  We would like to share some of these fond memories with you as you start your long weekend.  Take some time to get out and appreciate nature, it will do wonders for the start of an amazing fall!

A happy and healthy long weekend to all!

Happy 10th Anniversary Ghost Watershed Alliance Society!

Water, where would we be without it?

This week we want to highlight a very special local group who are working hard to bring about awareness of the Ghost Watershed.  This Sunday marks the celebration of the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society’s (GWAS) 10th Anniversary and will be filled with an afternoon of music, education, thanks, and last but not least cake!

Research, education, preservation and enjoyment are all words that can be associated with how the GWAS has involved itself with the 1000sq kms of surface and groundwater that comprises the Ghost Watershed.  As shared on their website, “the GWAS has set its mission to identify ecosystem and environmental issues affecting the watershed of the Ghost-Waiparous, raise public awareness and work towards resolving these issues.”  Through events such as “Walks in the Watershed”, Open Houses, and educational visits to local schools, the GWAS brings focus to the realities of how a variety of everyday interactions, both natural and human, affect this amazing ecosystem and how one can help preserve it.

The Crossing is happy to be involved with GWAS through providing a fitting location for their Anniversary celebration.  An afternoon concert featuring the sweet sounds of local musicians Emily Jill West, Terry William Clark, and 15 year-old Alysse Ernewein are sure to set the mood for an enjoyable event.  If you are interested in attending, free for the first 100 people, please rsvp to as capacity is limited and reservations are required for all attendees.

Connection to and through the land, water, music, friends and family are precisely what The Crossing hopes to provide to those who visit our special place.  We are extremely happy to be able to support the efforts and commitment that the GWAS has demonstrated to sharing the importance of one of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts, water.

If you would like to learn more about Ghost Watershed Alliance, or how you can support or become involved, please visit their website at

Enjoy the weekend!



Join our Team – The Crossing is Hiring!

Attention, Attention!  The Crossing is looking for a few great new members to join our team!

If you are looking for an enjoyable work environment, fun colleagues, and the opportunity to work hard but have fun doing it, then look no further.  Please see below for new positions available within the team.

Reservations Coordinator for The Crossing at Ghost River Ltd.

The Crossing at Ghost River, a conference and retreat centre 15 KM NW of Cochrane, has an immediate opening for a full time Reservations Coordinator.  The Reservations Coordinator ensures that guest reservations from initial contact to the end of the guest experience are efficient, professional and effective.  This position will prepare quotes, coordinate accounting functions, and assist in other office operations.  Requirements include strong computer skills, three to five years’ hospitality or guest service experience and further education, or equivalent experience, in hospitality or related disciplines; a valid driver’s license and access to your own vehicle; strong computer skills and some bookkeeping skills; clear and helpful telephone manner; ability to integrate with the existing team personnel in a friendly and supportive manner.  This position is 40 hours per week, however, the successful candidate needs the ability to work modified hours including evenings and/or week-ends. Flexibility in this regard is essential.

Guest Services Coordinator for The Crossing at Ghost River Ltd.

The Crossing at Ghost River Ltd., a conference and retreat centre 15 KM NW of Cochrane, has an opening for a full time Guest Services Coordinator.  The Guest Services Coordinator will work closely with the entire team to deliver exceptional Guest Services to The Crossing clients.  This position will coordinate all guest service requirements including dining room set up, aesthetics, and amenities; facilitate check in requirements; monitor and address special needs;  ensure conference room requirements are met ; maintain recreation equipment and supplies; and will report monthly on guest service activities and requirements.  The successful candidate will bring the ability to provide a self-starting, organized approach to daily tasks; have sound judgment and problem solving skills; sound verbal and written communication skills; a valid driver’s license with access to your own vehicle; and the ability to integrate with the existing team personnel.  This position is 40 hours per week, however, the successful candidate needs the ability to work modified hours including evenings and/or week-ends. Flexibility in this regard is essential.

If you would like the opportunity of be part of a small, dynamic team intent on providing a quality guest experience to clients in a growing business, please send your resume to or Fax to Amy at 403-231-7763.


Enjoy the weekend!




Sweet and Savory Summer

There is something special about summer cuisine isn’t there?  Perhaps it is the freshness of ingredients or the increased variety for that matter, but really is there anything more enjoyable than dining al fresco?  Sunshine and summer breezes transitioning to dusk and a candle lit table as you sit around enjoying good food and drink.  My friends, I beg of you think of something better on a warm night.

Luckily The Crossing can provide this exact experience for you and your team.  Whether you are looking for gourmet bagged lunches to enjoy riverside during a team builder, a light and tasty lunch on the main patio, BBQ dinner in the Riverhouse, and last but not least desserts of s’mores and cobbler cooked on an open flame, we are here to make each dining experience memorable because really, that’s what its all about!

We strive to bring the best sensory experiences together to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere; one where you linger around the table telling stories, heading up for ‘one last helping’, and laughing until you realize it’s time for bed and you just can’t keep your eyes open a moment longer.  Yes, these are the kind of experiences we want our guests to have.  The Crossing is very fortunate to have an amazing culinary team headed by Chef Doug, who is as lighthearted as his cooking is delicious!

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and at The Crossing it is no different!  We encourage you to check back seasonally to see what wonderful creations Chef Doug has concocted for the menu.  And remember, although it isn’t a boardroom table, the dinner table is an excellent place to share and grow with your own corporate family!

Enjoy the weekend!



The Hazy, Not So Lazy, Days Of Summer

When one thinks of summer it often conjures up images of swinging in a hammock under a shady tree, lemonade, barbeques with family and friends, riding bikes, swimming, and trying to keep cool in the summer sun….in other words, the lazy hazy days of summer!  Although, the past few months at The Crossing have been anything but!

We are delighted to have welcomed a very busy stream of guests and as the month of August slows down a little it allows us to get things in ship shape for the fall rush!  It also allows us to dive back into a few very exciting projects that we look forward to bringing to our guests by the end of 2012 and into early 2013!  Read on to see what we have brewing….


The Vegetarian Downward Dog = Bliss

Beautiful coastal scenery…check!

Downward dogging with amazing people…check!

Delicious vegetarian fuel…check!

Feeling pretty zen…check!

Last week I, Kelly, your Business Development Coordinator, had the amazing opportunity to visit a very special place on Cortes Island, BC called Hollyhock ( and participate in one of their many programs.  Amazingly, while looking up which program to sign up for, I saw that they were offering a Blissology Yoga Program ( with none other than Eoin Finn whom I have been bending into pretzel like contortions with for the past several years via my DVD player!  Blissology Yoga Program here I come!

From the get-go I knew that Hollyhock and The Crossing were kindred spirits; both offering spectacular settings in nature, a prime ambience for connection, and the desire to have guests leave more full and rejuvenated then when they came.  I am happy to say that my experience there supported the many thoughts that I had going into this adventure!

Our team at The Crossing has known that individuals, not just groups, are looking for an opportunity to engage and expand their horizons, and my recent trip to Hollyhock solidified that.  It was amazing to be part of something so stimulating on all fronts, to meet people looking to better themselves via certain paths but at the same time being open-minded and learning so much from each other.

It is one of The Crossing’s goals to work on the development of a variety of programs to offer to the public.  Our desire to share the land, energy, and beauty of this special place with as many people as possible is one of our dreams!  Please stay tuned to our website, blog, and twitter to learn more about up and coming programs, events, etc., that we will be offering at The Crossing.  Additionally, if anyone is interested in bringing out their own program to The Crossing we would love to chat so don’t be shy and send us an email at

Overall my experience at Hollyhock was fantastic and I look forward to going again!  For those yogis out there I encourage you to take a look at Eoin’s site, he has some amazing retreats coming up…Bali and Baha just to name a few.  And don’t forget, if you happen to be out in the Cortes Island area, I highly suggest you stop in for a visit to Hollyhock.  The beach, the trees, the garden, and the quiet are the perfect recipe for summer!

Until next week…Namaste!

Corralling All Art Lovers! Part 2

It’s official, we have survived the first five days of Stampede largely due to the amazing presence of our first group of artists displaying in the Reflections West Art Show and Sale, our sister company (refer to last week’s blog post) at the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

We’ve decided we have the best spot during Stampede; there are plenty of great people to be met in the beautiful Lineham Lobby, the art is stunning, and last but not least, it’s air conditioned!  Really, who could ask for more?  But wait, there is more!  Yesterday morning we moved in our second group of artists who brought in their amazing collections and it looks great!

Come on down for a visit y’all, we have paintings, photography, bronzes, silversmithing and more for you to explore.  And, best of all, admission is free!

Enjoy a safe Stampede partners!


Above is photographer Tracy Connery who will  be displaying with Reflections West Art show and sale from July 11th-15th in the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

Corralling all art lovers! Part 1

Cowboys, cowgirls, the mid-way, deep fried everything, and last but not least….art!?!?

Reflections West Art, The Crossing’s sister company, is putting on quite the art show at the Hyatt Regency Calgary during this year’s Stampede!

From July 6th-15th, 20 artists (8 from July 6-10 and 12 from July 11-15) will be showing and selling their inspiring works of art in the newly renovated Lineham Lobby!  From paintings and photography to silversmithing and bronzes, with a wide range of prices to boot, you can be sure to find something to remind you of celebrating the Centennial of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”!


On the Fly…Casting for Life

The water, the waders, the wonder…ahhh fly fishing, how beautiful you are!

For several years, The Crossing is proud to have been working with with an amazing non-profit group called Casting for Life ( which provides breast cancer survivors the opportunity to bond and enjoy the art of fly fishing in a retreat format.  This year The Crossing is happy to welcome Casting for Life from July 20th-22nd.  Not to fret, experience is not necessary and you will have a buddy to help guide and teach you the rhythm and relaxation of this peaceful sport.