Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I tried to map your location on the internet and it shows two locations, one in Cochrane and one in Benchlands. Which one is correct?

A – Follow the directions that head towards the Benchlands location but once you are the stoplights at the intersection of Hwy 1a and Hwy 22, follow Highway 1a west out of Cochrane Alberta for approx. 14 km. Turn right onto Highway 40 and travel for approx.10 km and you should come upon our sign. Turn left down the gravel road which is our driveway, and drive 2 km until you reach the parking lot and see the main buildings.

Q – How do I get there from Calgary International Airport?

A – Please click here for directions to The Crossing at Ghost River.

Q – If we have guests arriving at the airport is there a shuttle service or bus service to your site?

A – At this time we do not have a shuttle/bus service to the facility but can put you in contact with a number of service providers who can help accommodate you.

Q- Can we book our company/group for day meetings?

A- Yes, we have several locations that are ideal for day meetings or non-overnight use. We require that food and beverage service be provided by our Chef and kitchen and we are happy to offer a variety of price ranges to accommodate different budgets.

Q – Does our group have exclusive use of the facility?

A – Exclusive use is possible for a fee and can be organized by our reservations coordinator. However, we do have the ability to accommodate multiple groups for both meeting/conferencing as well as meals while still being able to offer privacy from other guests who may be utilizing the property simultaneously.

Q – Do we have to put down a deposit? What happens if we need to cancel?

A – We do have policies for both deposits and cancellation which relate directly to the date of your stay. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about these policies and how they pertain to your booking.

Q – What if the numbers of our booking change?

A – We understand that you may have changes to the number of individuals attending day meetings or overnight retreats, as well as those in attendance for meals. We have a policy that addresses this and encourage you to contact as soon as possible so that we can work to accommodate any changes you may have and inform you of the potential fees associated with doing so.

Q – Can we share accommodations?

A – Yes, a number of our rooms are set up to accommodate room sharing. We have ten bedrooms with two beds in each room.

Q – Can we book a room to spend the night and enjoy a meal like an hotel?

A – The Crossing at Ghost River offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year for guests to join us for special programs and events, some of which allow individuals to enjoy an overnight stay. Our daily business is group bookings as we are a conference and retreat centre therefore opportunities for individual stay are limited to these special events and programs. Please visit our Programs page to learn more about these opportunities.

Q – Are there roads or trails to walk around the property?

A – We have 145 acres of land on site, there are natural trails in the higher elevations made by the horses which live on site in the summer, as well as trail down along the river for a short way. Additionally, there is an unpaved road down to the river.

Q – Do you have an exercise room?

A – Yes we have a gym with a treadmill, a couple of spin bikes, free wights and exercise balls.

Q – You are in a very natural and rural setting; does one need to be cautious of wildlife while on the property?
A – Our guests’ safety is very important to us. We do live in the country and there are animals in the area. We offer our guests bear bells, flashlights, and suggest if in doubt to ‘buddy up’ when going out further into the property. Occasionally we see wild animals such as deer, elk, skunks, and occasionally bears, do pass through the property. We do not have any dogs, cats or domestic animals on property.

Q – Are you able to cater to special dietary needs?

A – Yes we are able to cater to special dietary needs. We ask that you have your group coordinator inform us when confirming your meal selections during the booking process, otherwise we cannot guarantee that will have all ingredients necessary to create suitable alternative dishes.

Q – Do you serve alcohol or can I bring my own on-site?

A – The Crossing at Ghost River Ltd. does not have a liquor license but are happy to help facilitate group’s securing their own license which is actually quite easy and, in the end, much more cost effective. The information on securing a license is available through our reservations coordinator by request or with your booking agreement.

Q – Is the price of AV/IT equipment included in the meeting room rental fee?

A – We are happy to be able to offer our groups renting conference space AV/IT equipment free of charge. Please refer to our facilities page for what equipment is included and available in which rooms. There may be additional costs associated with securing outside equipment. Please speak with your booking coordinator about your AV/IT needs during the time of your booking.

Q – Do you get cellular and wireless internet reception on the property?

A – Yes, we do get phone and wireless reception on the property. Certain carriers may provide better reception at different points on the property. Our buildings are set up for high speed wifi.

Q – What type of seating arrangements are available in the meeting rooms? Do you have round tables?

A – We can do board room style, classroom style, and theatre style seating arrangements in the meeting spaces. We do not have round tables for use it the meeting spaces.

Q – Is tipping allowed?

A – At The Crossing we work and play as a team to offer you the best service possible! A service charge is incorporated into your booking rate which is put towards recognizing their hard work. We do not encourage individual tipping and ask that if you feel you would like to recognize an individual or the team in an additional way to please ask to speak to our Operations Manager.

Q – Are pets allowed?

A – We know that pets are part of the family too so we’ve set assigned certain rooms as “Pet Friendly”. Availability is limited and must be approved and organized through your own group or company coordinator.

Q – Is there laundry service available? Is there an iron I can access?

A – An iron and portable ironing board are available to guests, please contact any one of our staff members and they will be able to provide it to you. At this time we do not offer laundry service to our guests.

Q – What do I have access to in the small business centre?

A – Guests are welcome to use our small business centre to access the internet and utilize the desktop computer. Scanning, faxing or printing individual documents is also available. Feel free to contact guest services if you need something outside the scope of what our small business center can offer you.