On the Fly…Casting for Life

The water, the waders, the wonder…ahhh fly fishing, how beautiful you are!

For several years, The Crossing is proud to have been working with with an amazing non-profit group called Casting for Life (www.castingforlife.com) which provides breast cancer survivors the opportunity to bond and enjoy the art of fly fishing in a retreat format.  This year The Crossing is happy to welcome Casting for Life from July 20th-22nd.  Not to fret, experience is not necessary and you will have a buddy to help guide and teach you the rhythm and relaxation of this peaceful sport.

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Home Sweet Home!

I think that there is one thing that most of us living in Alberta can agree on…it’s a great place to call home!

Last week while away at a conference, we learned so much about the power of connection, especially through nature.  We are truly lucky to live in a place that is so alive, a place that connects us all through its’ beauty.  Those of us who get to call being a member of the team at The Crossing ‘work’, have the opportunity to experience this connection on a daily basis. One can not deny the affect that this special place has on them.

I came across some of the videos that Travel Alberta created to share the beauty of our province with the world.  I am still awed every time I watch them and encourge you to take the time to do so as well.  Call it meditation, call it a needed 5 min break from the daily grind, frankly it doesn’t really matter what you call it, but take a few mins and allow yourself to be reminded of the incredible place that we get to call ‘Home, Sweet Home!”

Click here to enjoy Travel Alberta’s Summer (remember to breath) video.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Art in Heart

One can not come to The Crossing without noticing the magnificent scenery, and although you may think this is a sole reference to the stunning natural surroundings, you are mistaken!

Not to be awed only by the exterior qualities of the property, The Crossing emminates beauty from the inside out!  With a love for art and a very close relationship with Reflections West Art, based in Calgary, we are honoured to be able to share a beautiful pieces of art with our guests. The Crossing is happy to provide a venue for these magnificient pieces to hang in light filled rooms allowing their true beauty to shine. Read more

April Showers (or snow if you are in Alberta) Bring May Flowers

Always optimistic, as per our last post heading, spring is in the air and we are sticking to it!  This week’s feature picture may say otherwise but know that it was taken on Wednesday admist the lovely rain/snow that travelled our way.  Today those grey clouds, cold winds, and driving sleet are a distant memory; the skies are filled with glorious sunshine!

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