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Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

It’s here…the highly anticipated, beautiful Alberta summer!  Long days spent biking, hiking and being outside; cool nights perfect for BBQs and bonfires.  Is there really any better place to be? For all of you who will be in the area, we wanted to round up a variety of the local Event Guides to help you make this the best summer yet!  From arts in the city to hiking in the mountains and everything in between, be prepared to plan the ultimate ‘staycation’!  Hopefully you will come out and visit us too!  The fly fishing picture above is here at The Crossing.  Contact us to find out how you can live this dream!  http://thecrossingexp.wpengine.com/contact/

Below are links to some of our favourite Summer Event Guides…these should keep you busy until that “s” word is back!

Cochrane Tourism – http://www.cochrane-tourism.ca/hungry

City of Calgary – http://www.cocnmp.com/recreation/myRecGuide/index.php#.U4dQXfldVFE 

Travel Alberta – http://travelalberta.com/Trip%20Essentials/Vacation%20Guides.aspx

Parks Alberta – http://www.albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/news-events.aspx

Swerve Magazine – http://swerveevents.com/ 

National Music Centre – http://www.nmc.ca/whats-on/upcoming/

Theatre Alberta – http://www.theatrealberta.com/playbill/

Glenbow Museum – http://www.glenbow.org/

Winsport (Canada Olympic Park) – http://www.winsport.ca/activities/summeratwinsport/summeractivities.cfm

Heritage Park – http://www.heritagepark.ca/

Calgary Zoo – http://www.calgaryzoo.com/events-activities

Telus Spark Science Centre – http://www.sparkscience.ca/?fullSite=1&gclid=CL_uyvme1L4CFahAMgodiVwAbQ


Enjoy the weekend!

Your friends at The Crossing

If you can’t stand the heat, let us do the cookin’!

There is the a lot that can be said about the kitchen!  It is usually referred to as ‘the heart of the home’, and the truth really is that,  ‘everyone always ends up in the kitchen’.  This is all fine and lovely but sometimes you just need a break from the kitchen and we are happy to invite you to ours!

Chef Doug and his team have been working very hard and we have a few exciting pieces of information about our ‘heart of the home’ that we want to share!

First and foremost, the new menus are officially up on the website and waiting for you to salivate over.  We are pretty certain that just reading them is enough to get you thinking about your next corporate planning session here at The Crossing.  With dishes like….

Pan seared fillet of salmon with sautéed prawns, quinoa, citrus vinaigrette, basil oil, seasonal vegetables….


Oven roasted breast of chicken with purée of root vegetables, maple glazed pearl onions, sesame edamame, sherry sauce, seasonal vegetables…

Or our new vegetarian star…

Potato Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce, wilted greens, and grilled veg…

We know that your taste buds will not be disappointed!!

Additionally, we have now made it easier then ever to please your entire group!  Traditionally we used to give you two choices from the menu to offer as options to your group.  We are now happy to say that each of the dinner selections are available.  The only problem now is, which delicious dish to choose???


Happy Eating!


Note:  The feature picture is our homemade gnocchi, our new vegetarian star!



Gratitude….a daily gift!

To give is to receive.

When you look up the word gratitude in the dictionary, a definition something to the effect of, “feeling or being grateful or thankful” is likely to appear.  Gratitude is a gift, a daily gift that we can give ourselves, others, nature… the possibilities are truly limitless.  It is important to show gratitude everyday.  Not only does it remind us of all the incredible things that we have in our lives, but, in recognizing that we have much to be grateful for, it sets us up to approach the day in a different manner, a more kind, patient, thankful manner.  You will be amazed how this changes you and the affect it has on others.

It has been a while since we have shared a blog post, and we can’t imagine a more important topic to write about to get us back on track.  In this lapse of time our beautiful little retreat has been growing and flourishing.  Everyday we are grateful to be able to do what we do, the setting we are able to do it in, and whom we are able to do it with.  We are thankful to share the beauty of the Ghost River valley, to provide a comfortable and inspiring space to exchange ideas, a gathering table to appreciate delicious food and drink and to foster relationships, and the opportunity to meet so many incredible people who come through our doors.  No matter the season, The Crossing always evokes feelings of gratitude.

With the weekend arriving quickly, we would like to leave you with this beautiful message about gratitude.  This YouTube clip, a TED Talk by award winning cinematographer, director and producer, Louie Schwartzberg, perfectly embodies the simplicity and beauty of what gratitude really is.  Give yourself a gift, the gift of 10 uninterrupted minutes to enjoy and be grateful.


Have a safe and happy weekend!

Casting for Life

This week we would like to promote a very special group that is very near and dear to our hearts.

We encourage all of you to check out their website and perhaps join in on their event here at The Crossing. Casting for Life is a non-profit registered charity formed in 1997.  It was created to provide women recovering from breast cancer with the opportunity to learn the sport of fly fishing and the art of fly tying in the beautiful and enriching environment of a three day retreat. The three day weekend retreat will be held here at The Crossing.  Four-five volunteers and a maximum of 16 participants attend the Casting for Life retreat.  By keeping the numbers low they are able to have an intimate setting that allows hopes and dreams or worries and fears to be shared in a caring, empathetic setting. This retreat is open to women who are breast cancer survivors, whose treatment has been completed and who have not previously attended Casting for Life. Although the focus for the weekend is on fly fishing, you do not need to have any experience fishing or fly fishing – just a desire to learn and make some new friends. Please go to their website for further information. www.castingforlife.com

Starting The Year With Something To Talk About!

First and foremost we hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season, we know we sure did!  And what better way to kick off the New Year than with some great news!  The Crossing is very excited to share that our sister company, Reflections West Art, will be hosting its’ 3rd Annual Winter Show and Sale from February 21st – 24th, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Calgary!

This crowd pleasing show features 11 established landscape and lifestyle artists all hailing from Western Canada.  It is an excellent opportunity to come out and enjoy how their sheer talent captures the beautiful defining features of the West, and the best part is that admission is free!

In addition to the show and sale, there is a unique opportunity to partake in an event dubbed “An Evening with the Artists” which includes a multi-course dinner in Thomsons Restaurant in the Hyatt, wine pairings with all courses, a live musical feature, a opportunity to meet and dine wit the artists, as well as the highly anticipated and much in-demand “Paint by Numbers” original paintings draw!  The “Paint by Numbers” draw entails 11 tickets holders who are each guaranteed to walk away with one of 11 original paintings by the show’s artists.  Currently, both dinner and draw tickets are still available but going fast as this event and the show have been gaining popularity over the past few years.  If you would like more information or how to purchase dinner or draw tickets please visit the Reflections West Art event page.

Please mark your calendars and come out and join us and Reflections West Art for a lovely weekend of art, friends, and general fun!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Much to be thankful for…Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatever it may be that makes you happy we hope that you take a few moments this weekend to take a deep breath, reflect, smile, and say “Thank you”.  It doesn’t matter who you are thanking in particular, perhaps it is a spouse who has put on a great dinner spread, your kids who, although you just finished raking the leaves, have decided to jump in them and made you join, maybe it is even your boss who sent you home early for a little extra family time, or it might simply be giving a respectful nod to recognize Mother Nature and how fortunate we are to live in a beautiful bountiful country. However and to whomever you want to, please take a moment to say thank you for the large or small positives in your life.

We, at The Crossing, want to thank our family, friends, colleagues, guests, neighbours and everyone who has made the last year and a half a possible.  The Crossing is a special place that we are so thankful to have in our lives.  It is truly a wonderful experience to watch the effect that it has on those who visit.  A large part of this has to to with the amazing staff who make everyone feel ‘at home’, and especially to Mother Nature who has given us such a magnificent gem to steward and share.

Many thanks to all of you and may you enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend!

The Photo Whisperer

Rolling hills back lit by a burnt orange sky, sunlight streaming into antique adorned guestrooms, gourmet dishes so life-like you can taste them, the perfect mid-conversation laugh that encapsulates the essence of being at The Crossing…all of these images and so many more were created by our good friend and photographer Tracy Connery of Tracy Connery Photography.  Light-hearted, not afraid to get a little dirty and with good sense of humour, we knew we would hire her from the get-go!

Finding just the right person to shoot The Crossing can be compared to finding just the right person to take the first photographs of your first born because that is precisely what The Crossing is to all of us, ‘our baby’.  Therefore, everything had to be perfect; we had to find the right person to see all of the beauty and special qualities that we could see and then coax out the extra ‘smiles, coos, and giggles’ that we knew were hiding in there just waiting to be found.  After viewing Tracy’s photography we knew that she was our gal, she definitely had that “something special”!

It is a challenge being a remote location; people can’t just pop in for a visit as they are walking to the store or strolling to a meeting.  It was crucial for us to have the right images that capture the true nature of The Crossing so that when people visit our website or look through our marketing brochure that not only could they ‘see’ The Crossing, but more importantly that they could ‘feel’ it too.  Needless to say we have not been disappointed and Tracy’s photographs have truly been able to bring ‘our baby’ to life!

Clearly Tracy is very talented and we have enjoyed having her out throughout the year to capture The Crossing in all its natural seasonal glory.  We are looking forward to having her seize the holiday spirit as our team “Decks the Halls” this winter!  If you are interested in learning more about Tracy and her talents feel free to visit her at www.tracyconneryphotography.com .  Also, The Crossing is a great backdrop for corporate portraits or fantastic souvenirs from a team building retreat.  We would be happy to help arrange Tracy to come out and capture your team at work and play!

Enjoy the weekend!


Corralling All Art Lovers! Part 2

It’s official, we have survived the first five days of Stampede largely due to the amazing presence of our first group of artists displaying in the Reflections West Art Show and Sale, our sister company (refer to last week’s blog post) at the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

We’ve decided we have the best spot during Stampede; there are plenty of great people to be met in the beautiful Lineham Lobby, the art is stunning, and last but not least, it’s air conditioned!  Really, who could ask for more?  But wait, there is more!  Yesterday morning we moved in our second group of artists who brought in their amazing collections and it looks great!

Come on down for a visit y’all, we have paintings, photography, bronzes, silversmithing and more for you to explore.  And, best of all, admission is free!

Enjoy a safe Stampede partners!


Above is photographer Tracy Connery who will  be displaying with Reflections West Art show and sale from July 11th-15th in the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

Corralling all art lovers! Part 1

Cowboys, cowgirls, the mid-way, deep fried everything, and last but not least….art!?!?

Reflections West Art, The Crossing’s sister company, is putting on quite the art show at the Hyatt Regency Calgary during this year’s Stampede!

From July 6th-15th, 20 artists (8 from July 6-10 and 12 from July 11-15) will be showing and selling their inspiring works of art in the newly renovated Lineham Lobby!  From paintings and photography to silversmithing and bronzes, with a wide range of prices to boot, you can be sure to find something to remind you of celebrating the Centennial of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”!

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