Music to our ears…

It was certainly something special; something we had never done before, something we were honoured to do, and something we can hopefully do again!  Last night, The Crossing had the extreme pleasure to partner up with the National Music Center (NMC) to promote and celebrate the importance of Canadian music!

It was a Stampede party like no other!  Mountain and river views, amazing food by our friends at The Hyatt Regency Calgary as well as our excellent in house culinary team, and of course, the music!  Canadian icons Jim Cuddy, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Paul Brandt rocked the huge party tent and showed that Canadian musicians are a talented, proud, and diverse force to be reckoned with!  The party helped to raise awareness and support for NMC and their new home which “gives Canada a place that amplifies the love, sharing and understanding of music.”

NMC, based in Calgary, is currently in the midst of constructing a state of the art facility which will include an interactive museum, concert hall and recording spaces, educational programming, live music and a mind blowing instrument collection, just to name a few!  This new home will allow Canadians to celebrate our musical culture and heritage, and showcase the diversity and importance our country has played in music’s history.  To learn more about NMC and their current projects, or to inquire about how to can show your support, please visit them at .

Music is art, it is comfort and joy, it helps ease pain and brighten a day.  Music is memories, music is the future.  We are proud to work with and support the National Music Center to help build a home to share the amazing gift of music with all of Canada!


Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

It’s here…the highly anticipated, beautiful Alberta summer!  Long days spent biking, hiking and being outside; cool nights perfect for BBQs and bonfires.  Is there really any better place to be? For all of you who will be in the area, we wanted to round up a variety of the local Event Guides to help you make this the best summer yet!  From arts in the city to hiking in the mountains and everything in between, be prepared to plan the ultimate ‘staycation’!  Hopefully you will come out and visit us too!  The fly fishing picture above is here at The Crossing.  Contact us to find out how you can live this dream!

Below are links to some of our favourite Summer Event Guides…these should keep you busy until that “s” word is back!

Cochrane Tourism –

City of Calgary – 

Travel Alberta –

Parks Alberta –

Swerve Magazine – 

National Music Centre –

Theatre Alberta –

Glenbow Museum –

Winsport (Canada Olympic Park) –

Heritage Park –

Calgary Zoo –

Telus Spark Science Centre –


Enjoy the weekend!

Your friends at The Crossing

The Next Chapter

With the recent chain of events that has significantly impacted many Albertans in a multitude of ways it has been truly inspiring to see the way that we all came together. Neighbours, friends, families and complete strangers have come together to form a bond that has been formidable. Many have worked hard, for no compensation and you can see the fruits of their labour everywhere you look. Flood 2013, although fresh in our minds it is being wiped off our map, one day at a time.

Being new to the province it is this energy that makes Alberta unique. It is this force that allows us to work hard and play hard. Just around the corner is the Calgary Stampede, which is going on as planned with crews working around the clock. The Stampede we enjoy today has evolved from the vision of Guy Weadick. He understood that as much as things change, we need to believe in the way things were.

This year’s Stampede’s “Hell or High Water” motto is so catchy that there is a new song out by Marc Martel (Canadian singer/songwriter). The song can be downloaded for free at

My hope is that despite the travesty of the Flood 2013 that we would continue to work together to help each other whether in crisis or just an extra set of hands.
Come Hell or High Water, The Show will go on!

See you at the Parade….

Men in Kilts…No Peeking!

Mother’s Day was awesome with about 100 people celebrating Mom.  What’s better?  To do it again!  We will start the Father’s Day BarBQ at 11.  Join with us to celebrate Father’s in a special way at The Crossing.  Call us today for reservations 403-932-3392, Adults $35, Youth (3-17) $20, under 3 Free.


Last week was our yearly cleaning of the windows.  How fun are the Men in Kilts (@MIKCalgary)?  Lots of fun and lots of giggles, not to mention that our windows are spotless!


The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society will have their 2nd Walk in the Watershed on Saturday, June 1st from 10 AM to 1:30 PM.  This Walk will feature the history of First Nations and early fur trading in the Ghost.  This is an easy walk for the entire family.  Please bring your own lunch, unfortunately no dogs allowed on this walk.  Contact Marina at to RSVP and directions.

Old Man Winter

Old man winter gave us a gentle reminder that he is still in the area this week.  But Mother Nature is trying to sweep him out with the rest of the snow.

Giving Mother Nature a hand this week is our version of the Dream Team…our Maintenance Department.  Leo is our head of Maintenance and he has working for him Jim (aka Buck) and Jim (aka Cooter).  Reminders of the Newhart television series “Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl!”

Our dream team is usually here before us; clearing the walkways and parking lot, turning on the lights and getting the coffee on!  It seems like no task is too big or too small for them to tackle.  Smiles are free and a quick hello if you pass them on the run.

To help you celebrate your Mother….Watch for our Mother’s Day details coming out in next week’s news!  New items for this year include Caramelized  Onion and Smoked Salmon Tart and Mediterranean Style Chicken.  Sounds de-lish!



Another Week…

We have the flowers ordered and they will be ready in time for Mother’s Day, which really is just around the corner.  It always amazes me as to how quickly the days charge at us.  Chef Doug is putting the final touches on the menu and we will be announcing shortly the meal seatings and the menu.

Diane had an unexpected surprise on April Fool’s Day.  One of her donkeys decided that she was going to have a baby.  This was a very welcome surprise!  They are still trying to decide on a name.  Perhaps we could help her with some suggestions……

Matt attended the Gluten Free Show in Calgary last weekend, and is attending the GFS Show this week with Chef Doug.  I am sure they are going to come back with some tasty new ideas to try on us.

We have had several tours out here to see the facility and overall things are looking good for a wonderful  summer.  The river is flowing the ground is soft and I am searching for my first crocus.

Speaking of the Ghost River, if you do not have plans for this Friday, April the 5th and are looking for something to do, please try and attend the GWAS Annual Benefit Concert and Silent Auction.  Starts at 6:30 and goes to 10 at the Beaupre Community Hall.  For more information or tickets go to:

Hope to see you there!


Hello, my name is Carol and I am the new face here at The Crossing.  I am so excited to be here and reach out to each of you and keep you updated as to the comings and goings here.

First things first!  Congratulations to Kelly and Mike!

Next, I am going to try to fill some hard to fill shoes!  Kelly is going to be a tough act to follow.  She did such an awesome job over the last year getting us here.

I will start with my initial reaction to The Crossing.  Maureen and Diane invited me out to see the facility and meet them – the dreaded interview!  I was so nervous and was driving out from Calgary to see them.  I was afraid I would get lost and be late…you know how it is when you know you need to be on your game.

Turning off of Highway 1A onto Highway 40 and less than a minute onto the property….the majority of my stress was gone.  This is an amazing piece of Alberta!  Lucky me….here I am, officially now.  I get this amazing feeling each and every day.

We have had some awesome groups come through in my short time here already.  I have met some amazing folks in the few days I have been here and all in the comfort of The Crossing.  Where you come to get back to the basics.

I also had the amazing opportunity to attend the MPI ONE Conference in Calgary this past week.  The room was filled with super planners.  I was honoured to be embraced by many of them.  Looking forward to doing more networking with this group for sure.

Thanks for reading me and please send us questions, articles and comments to make us better!


Baby on the way…

It is with great excitement…anxiey…happiness… fear, just to name a few, that I, Kelly, bittersweetly share that this will be my last blog post for the year as my husband and I are about to embark on the crazy adventure known as parenthood!  With our first little one on the way it is time to hand the blogging reigns over to the team as I prep for my next role for the upocming year as Mom!  As all of you who are parents know, there is no greater joy in the world and we can’t wait to ‘join the club’ so to speak.

I am elated to be able to turn things over to my very witty and intelligent colleagues at The Crossing who will continue with the weekly blog as well as our social media campagins on Facebook and Twitter.  We appreciate all of the tremendous support that we have received since launching these endeavours approximately one year ago.  Through the website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter we have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with all of you and building an online ‘community’ and will continue to do so into the future.  We have appreciated your feedback and ideas and would like to encourage you to continue to submit them to us either via one of our social media platforms, email at , or by phone at 403-932-3392.  Our goal is to continue to create spaces that cultivate a place of ‘connection’.

In a few weeks time I look forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and pulling up The Crossing’s website to see what is new and exciting on the blog, Facebook, etc., and I hope that you will too!  Many thanks to all of you who have shown The Crossing your support in a variety of ways; it means the world to us and we constantly strive to provide you an exceptional connection experience at, what we feel, is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Wishing you all health and happiness,



A Bittersweet Farewell

It is a bittersweet day at The Crossing as we must bid farewell to part our heart and soul, Leonard, or “Len” as most of us call him.  After several years, just shy of four and half to be exact, of giving his all to The Crossing, adventure and the closeness of family are beckoning Len back to Ontario.

Since joining The Crossing on September 1st, 2008 as part-time help in the slower season and quickly morphing into our full-time Guest Services aficionado, Len has consistently been a favourite with our guests.  This is not only due to his professional and efficient manner, but perhaps more that his genuine care for those around him, guests or not, is hard to deny; a quality that we will surely miss!

An avid golfer and sports fan of all kinds, Len never passed up a chance to hit the links on one of the many beautiful courses in the area.  Perhaps we will be able to entice him back for a visit with some mountain views from the tee off boxes?  With his guitar always at the ready he was a good sport in entertaining guests around the campfire when his musical skills were requested, only one of his many talents.

Len, we wish you well as you take the next step in life’s journey.  It has been a pleasure working with you and know that you will always have a home at The Crossing.

All the best,

Your “Crossing” Family

Social Media Butterfly

Over the past two years, well almost two years now, since our team acquired The Crossing we have had the opportunity to work on a variety of great projects to upgrade and enhance the already wonderful ‘experience’.  From new bedding, new roofs, new decks, new railings….do you see a pattern…we have enjoyed every minute of growing and improving and have considered ourselves lucky to have such a great platform to start from!

One thing that is completely new to The Crossing in the past year has been social media and we are absolutely loving being part of that world.  At first we weren’t really sure what to expect, we knew we needed to be swimming in that pond but didn’t realize how much of an effect it would have on us or what an opportunity it would provide us to create a little community!  Over the past several months social media has not only allowed us to make friends, swap ideas, learn, and generate business but more importantly it has allowed us to engage with others on a daily basis about things that we feel are important!

You will notice that our Twitter and Facebook pages are more about day to day life then what we ‘technically’ are providing onsite ie. meetings, conferencing accommodations, excellent meals, etc., but just as there is more to life than work, there is more to The Crossing then only business.  The Crossing is more than just a location to have meetings and retreats, it is a place that promotes connection which is exactly what social media allow us to do, ‘connect’. We are a place that promotes healthy lifestyles, balance, finding passions, and learning new things!  Social media has allowed us to expand on what we have built on our website and in our brand and allow us to share all of these great things with you, every single day!

In our community we say the more the merrier, and so we hope that you will join our online community by checking out our weekly blog, or catching up with us on Facebook or Twitter.  From topics ranging on how to beat wrist aches from being at the computer too long (I think most of us can relate), to business articles that we feel might help our corporate clients, and even to what to do with left behind mason jars or muffin tins, we have something for everyone!  Not to mention this is a great place to stay up to date with the latest happenings at The Crossing.

So, if you have a few spare minutes this weekend while you are having your morning coffee, come and check out our community at: and

Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!