Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

It’s here…the highly anticipated, beautiful Alberta summer!  Long days spent biking, hiking and being outside; cool nights perfect for BBQs and bonfires.  Is there really any better place to be? For all of you who will be in the area, we wanted to round up a variety of the local Event Guides to help you make this the best summer yet!  From arts in the city to hiking in the mountains and everything in between, be prepared to plan the ultimate ‘staycation’!  Hopefully you will come out and visit us too!  The fly fishing picture above is here at The Crossing.  Contact us to find out how you can live this dream!

Below are links to some of our favourite Summer Event Guides…these should keep you busy until that “s” word is back!

Cochrane Tourism –

City of Calgary – 

Travel Alberta –

Parks Alberta –

Swerve Magazine – 

National Music Centre –

Theatre Alberta –

Glenbow Museum –

Winsport (Canada Olympic Park) –

Heritage Park –

Calgary Zoo –

Telus Spark Science Centre –


Enjoy the weekend!

Your friends at The Crossing

Dad + BBQ + The Crossing = Father’s Day Perfection!

Dad…where do we start?

You’re the man, plain and simple.  You do so much for us all year long….sons want to grow up to be you and daughters want to marry someone who is just like you.  How can we say thank you for all that you do?  Well, we think we have come up with the perfect gift….our Annual Father’s Day BBQ!

Is there a better way to show Dad you care than to bring him out to our amazing setting and feast on Chef Doug and his team’s mouthwatering BBQ?  Nope, didn’t think so!  The only thing that may make the day even better is that there is time either before or after for Dad to get in at 9 holes of golf since we kick things off at 11am.

Do yourself a favour and leave the gift giving to us with some finger lickin’ good eats and treats for Pop.  Some time in the country with loved ones and some great food is just the ticket for making this Father’s Day one to remember.

Seating is limited so please call us at 403-932-3392 to make your reservation.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Your Friends at The Crossing

If you can’t stand the heat, let us do the cookin’!

There is the a lot that can be said about the kitchen!  It is usually referred to as ‘the heart of the home’, and the truth really is that,  ‘everyone always ends up in the kitchen’.  This is all fine and lovely but sometimes you just need a break from the kitchen and we are happy to invite you to ours!

Chef Doug and his team have been working very hard and we have a few exciting pieces of information about our ‘heart of the home’ that we want to share!

First and foremost, the new menus are officially up on the website and waiting for you to salivate over.  We are pretty certain that just reading them is enough to get you thinking about your next corporate planning session here at The Crossing.  With dishes like….

Pan seared fillet of salmon with sautéed prawns, quinoa, citrus vinaigrette, basil oil, seasonal vegetables….


Oven roasted breast of chicken with purée of root vegetables, maple glazed pearl onions, sesame edamame, sherry sauce, seasonal vegetables…

Or our new vegetarian star…

Potato Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce, wilted greens, and grilled veg…

We know that your taste buds will not be disappointed!!

Additionally, we have now made it easier then ever to please your entire group!  Traditionally we used to give you two choices from the menu to offer as options to your group.  We are now happy to say that each of the dinner selections are available.  The only problem now is, which delicious dish to choose???


Happy Eating!


Note:  The feature picture is our homemade gnocchi, our new vegetarian star!



Brunch Fit For A Queen…aka MOM!

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day you ask? It is pretty simple…time with her family and a meal that a) she doesn’t have to make b) she doesn’t have to clean up and c) is delicious. This may not seem like a lot but to Mom is means the world (a few painted macaroni crafts and construction paper cards are also Mom favourites)!

So what to do, where to go? Not to worry, we have both of those questions covered…to The Crossing of course for our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet! Bring the entire family and join us for our gourmet country style buffet. And, don’t feel that you have to head back into the city right after, bring your hiking shoes and have a family trek down to the river or up to the ridge and take in some of Alberta’s finest views.

Another great option is to come out and stay with us the night before! Mother’s Day weekend is one of the few during the year that we make our rooms available on an individual basis (Singles $100, Doubles $130). All Moms love a good B&B and Mother’s Day weekend at The Crossing is one of the best!

Spaces are limited and filling up quickly, so please phone us at 403-932-3392 to make reservations. Please see below for pricing.

Brunch: Adult $40
Senior (67+) $30
Youth (12-16) $30
Child (4-11) $20
3 and Under Free

We look forward to seeing you there!

Your Friends at The Crossing

Don’t Forget Mom….

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th!  Let us do the cooking for you!

If you have always wanted to experience The Crossing but haven’t had the opportunity to do so, we are offering our guests the opportunity to stay overnight.  This is a special that we are only able to offer once a year.  If you would like to get away for the evening on Saturday, May 11th and let Mom sleep in the next morning phone us at 403-932-3392.  We are taking reservations for two seatings;  one at 9 AM and the other for 12:00.

The first Walk in the Watershed for this year, hosted by the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society will be hosted on Sunday, May 5th at 1:30-4:30.  Need more information contact Marina at

Snickerdoodles (Double) from Our Kitchen to Yours:

This is a recipe that we use, origin unknown.  Preheat oven to 370F

Cream, 2 cups of butter, 3 cups of sugar.

Beat in 8 tsp. of white vinegar.

Sift, then add…4 cups of all purpose flour, 2 tsp. of cream of tartar, 2 tsp. of baking soda, ½ tsp. of salt.

Cinnamon-Sugar mixture:  2 tsp. of cinnamon, 2 Tbsp sugar.

Form into 1 inch balls and roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture.  Place 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Cook for 10 minutes.  Cool on a wire rack.


New Member of the Team

Matthew "Matt" Bird

This week at The Crossing has been a flurry of activity.  There is so much going on in preparation for Spring and Easter.  The deer are strolling through, the gophers are all chipper and happy and our resident squirrel is enjoying the warm sunshine.  Our neighbours cattle are calving which tells us it is definitely Spring.

This week I would like to introduce you to The Crossing’ new Sous Chef, Matthew Bird.

Matthew was raised in Pickering, Ontario and has been living and working in Guelph for the last 11 years.  He graduated from Niagara College with honours in 2010 as a Chef Apprentice.  He has worked many facets of the food industry from fast food to fine dining for the last 15 years.

Highlights so far include Chef at the Fat Duck Gastro Pub in Guelph and  a Sous Chef at the Prince of Wales; a five diamond hotel at the beautiful Niagara on the Lake.  He also had the privilege to cook for Prince Charles and Camilla.  After much ado in the kitchen to prepare a fantastic meal for them, Prince Charles advised that he just wanted a burger!

His hobbies include fishing, camping and hockey.  Well we think he has come to the right place to enjoy those hobbies.  He is fan of the original six of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Chef Doug and the rest of the staff at The Crossing, welcome Matt and look forward to many tasty treats.

Spring Specialties from our Kitchen!

With Spring right around the corner, well at least only a few more Chinooks away, Chef Doug and his team have been hard at work preparing a sensational seasonal menu! With all that is vibrant and delicious, we hope that you enjoy perusing and selecting the dishes for your group’s next stay with us! Enjoy and happy eating!


Deck the Halls – Part 4 The Christmas Cookie Chapter!

It’s truly one of the best parts of the holidays…fresh baked cookies!!! Don’t pretend like the big guy in the red suit is the only one who has an affinity for them; you have to have Herculean will not to succumb to the tasty treats of the season (at least that is what I say to make myself feel better)!

And who better to share an irresistible Christmas cookie recipe then our own master of the culinary domain, jolly Chef Doug (just look at his team picture, he’s a teddy bear)! When sending me the recipe Chef told me that, “this was a recipe I made every Christmas with my mother when I was young.” If that doesn’t qualify as certified Christmas culinary success, a tried and true favourite recipe from a Chef, then I don’t know what does.

Elegant, yet simple, tasty, yet easy, this is the perfect cookie to add to your baking repetoire this year!

Thanks Chef Doug for sharing this gift with us to enjoy with our friends and family this holiday season.

Almond Cookies

1 cup unsalted butter
8 oz almond paste
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
3 cups all-purpose flour, not sifted

Baking Instructions
1) Cream together butter and almond paste in large bowl. Add in sugar, be sure to scrape the sides of bowl making sure the mixture is a smooth texture.
2) Add the egg into the mixture.
3) Gradually add flour until dough comes together, be careful not to over mix!
4) Dough can be shaped into a log, chilled and cut into 1/8 inch thick slices, or dough can be rolled out on a lightly floured table to 1/8 inch thickness and cut into festive shapes and transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet, paint with a thin coat of egg white tinted with food colouring.
5) Bake at 325F for 10-12 minutes. Bottom of cookies should be pale brown; the tops of cookies should not take on much colour.
6) Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

Take in the sights and sounds of the season and enjoy the weekend!

What’s the Holiday Season without a Party?

We may not have even hit Halloween yet, but the truth is the holiday season is just around the corner!  Any planner worth their checklist will tell you that you need to book in advance otherwise the pickin’s for venues become pretty slim!  Now, we realize that many of you probably have this all lined up but for those don’t, and likely can’t believe that we are closing in on the end of October, fear not, The Crossing just may be able to help.

With our holidays menus hot off the press, our boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations just a few weeks from going on display, Christmastime at The Crossing is one of the highlights of the year!  If your team has been working hard and you want to show them how much you appreciate them, there is no better way then a relaxing overnight event with us.  A winter wonderland with all the sights and smells of the season paired with our country-home feel, everyone will be sure to start the holidays off right.

Chef Doug and his team have created a special sensational seasonal menu to reflect this joyous time of year.  Please take a moment to review all of the good things that await you this holiday season at The Crossing!

Enjoy the weekend!








Flavours of Fall

As the golden days of summer shorten into the crisp rustic coloured days of fall one thing is for certain at The Crossing, the cuisine just keeps getting better and better. And, what perfect timing to introduce a new irresistible menu then to start prepping ourselves with that extra winter layer, Albertan’s you know what we are talking about. When it is -40 having a little additional ‘insulation’ never seems to garner many complaints.

Chef Doug and his team have done it again! They have created a circus for the senses; wild rice fritters, sour cherry rosemary sauce, dauphinoise potatoes, Madeira reduction, and to think these are only the side shows, not even the main event! With the smells and colours of fall all around, an inspiring batch of tasty root vegetables, members of the onion family, and everyone’s favourites, well ours at least, potatoes, done up every which way possible, it is hard to pick just one dish to devour!

If it isn’t obvious already, this week’s blog post focuses on our new fall dinner menu. Take a moment to read through and see what dishes you think your group would enjoy the most. We dare you to not daydream about sharing these great meals with your team in our cozy dining room beside a crackling fire while the wind whips through the river valley scattering gold and rust coloured leaves around like fall confetti….see we knew you couldn’t do it!

 Enjoy the weekend!