Much to be thankful for…Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatever it may be that makes you happy we hope that you take a few moments this weekend to take a deep breath, reflect, smile, and say “Thank you”.  It doesn’t matter who you are thanking in particular, perhaps it is a spouse who has put on a great dinner spread, your kids who, although you just finished raking the leaves, have decided to jump in them and made you join, maybe it is even your boss who sent you home early for a little extra family time, or it might simply be giving a respectful nod to recognize Mother Nature and how fortunate we are to live in a beautiful bountiful country. However and to whomever you want to, please take a moment to say thank you for the large or small positives in your life.

We, at The Crossing, want to thank our family, friends, colleagues, guests, neighbours and everyone who has made the last year and a half a possible.  The Crossing is a special place that we are so thankful to have in our lives.  It is truly a wonderful experience to watch the effect that it has on those who visit.  A large part of this has to to with the amazing staff who make everyone feel ‘at home’, and especially to Mother Nature who has given us such a magnificent gem to steward and share.

Many thanks to all of you and may you enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend!