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Backyard BBQ Goodness…Only The Best For Dad!

If there is one thing that makes me think of ‘Dad’, it has to be a good old fashioned summer BBQ!  The smell of charcol, sunscreen, sweet watermelon (with seeds of course), corn on the cob with warm butter, and s’mores (only if we were good) all blend together to conjure of one image….Dad at the grill with a smile on his face and a burger flipper in hand.

What better way to bring these memories back than to take Dad out to our Father’s Day BBQ at The Crossing.  With all your favourites including lemonade, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, roast chicken and hickory smoked roast beef finished with homemade summertime desserts, Dad will surely feel the love!



We could write a novel, nevermind a blog post, about how AMAZING Mothers are, and since there is little chance that we will be able to do Moms everywhere justice we’ll keep it short and sweet!

Moms, of all kinds, of all shapes and forms, both young, old and everything in between…thank you for giving us your love!  You really do make the world go around.

The team at The Crossing looks forward showing our love for all of you at our sold out Mother’s Day Brunch this Sunday!  What can we say, we ♥ Moms:)

Happy Mother’s Day!