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A Feast for the Eyes

A feast for the eyes; there has not been an event so colourful than that which just occurred at The Crossing! From Aug. 21-24, we were honoured to host the second Reflections West Art Workshop, featuring talented WestGuild artists, Roger Arndt, Maurade Banton, Rick Berg, Doug Levitt, Murray Phillips and John Zacharias, who taught and mentored many eager students!

Following Reflections West Art’s inaugural workshop event last year, in addition to putting on several successful shows at The Hyatt Regency Calgary with the WestGuild group, it was no surprise that the number of participants doubled this year!  Clearly it was a combination of all things irresistible that called to the talented group of individuals who spent days and nights perfecting their technique, encouraging fellow participants, and sharing stories by the campfire. Although the common denominator was an appreciation for art, the participants ranged from those indulging their hobby to those who were exploring the possibility of creating a career out of their passion. Inspiration and talent were abound!

So, perhaps you are wondering what happens at an artists’ workshop at The Crossing? Reflections West did an excellent job of showcasing each of the WestGuild artists’ strengths and giving them the opportunity to teach and mentor all of the participating artists. Several studios were set up throughout the property to enhance specific styles and techniques. Each day three separate workshops were taught by different artists. This was followed each evening by a ‘show and tell’ of sorts where all of the participants toured the workshop spaces to see what others had created during the day. The evenings were capped off with “fireside chats” where the teachers and participants shared their experiences, not only from the retreat, but in their careers as well.  With Mother Nature sharing some beautiful weather on the last day, some of the artists took to the grounds for a little plein air painting, a great way to end a wonderful weekend. Needless to say there were many laughs, some (happy) tears, friendships and personal growth that resulted.

Clearly one does not come to The Crossing without eating and having a place that feels like ‘home’, and the participants’ creative fires were kept burning by the weekend-long feast prepared by Chef Doug and his team. We are also happy to hear from Reflections West that when asking the participants for feedback on what their least favourite part of the retreat was (a job well done for always striving to improve), the response was, “packing up and leaving, and saying good-bye.” Well, we at The Crossing feel the exact same way!  Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year and in the meantime keep being inspired by the beauty around you!

Music to our ears…

It was certainly something special; something we had never done before, something we were honoured to do, and something we can hopefully do again!  Last night, The Crossing had the extreme pleasure to partner up with the National Music Center (NMC) to promote and celebrate the importance of Canadian music!

It was a Stampede party like no other!  Mountain and river views, amazing food by our friends at The Hyatt Regency Calgary as well as our excellent in house culinary team, and of course, the music!  Canadian icons Jim Cuddy, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Paul Brandt rocked the huge party tent and showed that Canadian musicians are a talented, proud, and diverse force to be reckoned with!  The party helped to raise awareness and support for NMC and their new home which “gives Canada a place that amplifies the love, sharing and understanding of music.”

NMC, based in Calgary, is currently in the midst of constructing a state of the art facility which will include an interactive museum, concert hall and recording spaces, educational programming, live music and a mind blowing instrument collection, just to name a few!  This new home will allow Canadians to celebrate our musical culture and heritage, and showcase the diversity and importance our country has played in music’s history.  To learn more about NMC and their current projects, or to inquire about how to can show your support, please visit them at .

Music is art, it is comfort and joy, it helps ease pain and brighten a day.  Music is memories, music is the future.  We are proud to work with and support the National Music Center to help build a home to share the amazing gift of music with all of Canada!


Dad + BBQ + The Crossing = Father’s Day Perfection!

Dad…where do we start?

You’re the man, plain and simple.  You do so much for us all year long….sons want to grow up to be you and daughters want to marry someone who is just like you.  How can we say thank you for all that you do?  Well, we think we have come up with the perfect gift….our Annual Father’s Day BBQ!

Is there a better way to show Dad you care than to bring him out to our amazing setting and feast on Chef Doug and his team’s mouthwatering BBQ?  Nope, didn’t think so!  The only thing that may make the day even better is that there is time either before or after for Dad to get in at 9 holes of golf since we kick things off at 11am.

Do yourself a favour and leave the gift giving to us with some finger lickin’ good eats and treats for Pop.  Some time in the country with loved ones and some great food is just the ticket for making this Father’s Day one to remember.

Seating is limited so please call us at 403-932-3392 to make your reservation.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Your Friends at The Crossing

Open House February 24, 2014

Plein Air Painting Challenge

Register by August 19, 2013….

Riverside Rejuvenation

The river that runs through our property at The Crossing has a calming affect; the sound, the colour, the visual presence, it truly has a mesmerizing and transformative power. It is hard to leave the riverside without feeling lighter, brighter and, overall, simply better.

For the past several years The Crossing has welcomed Casting for Life to share in the beauty of the property, and the river in particular. Casting for Life is an incredible organization that, “was created to provide physical, spiritual and emotional support to breast cancer survivors.” This is done through a weekend retreat at The Crossing, this year will be July 18th-20th, and we are honoured to be part of it.  The land, the river, the art of fly fishing, allow these incredibly brave women the chance to connect to themselves and each other. Time for reflection, fun, and rest, afford them the opportunity to focus on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of healing and rejuvenation.

This is an incredible weekend, one that many women have found powerful and uplifting! If you or someone you know might be interested in partaking please contact Casting for Life via their website by clicking on the highlighted links. We would like to thank Casting for Life for allowing us to be a part of this profound weekend for so many years and we look forward to continuing to provide a special place for this magic to occur!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

It’s here…the highly anticipated, beautiful Alberta summer!  Long days spent biking, hiking and being outside; cool nights perfect for BBQs and bonfires.  Is there really any better place to be? For all of you who will be in the area, we wanted to round up a variety of the local Event Guides to help you make this the best summer yet!  From arts in the city to hiking in the mountains and everything in between, be prepared to plan the ultimate ‘staycation’!  Hopefully you will come out and visit us too!  The fly fishing picture above is here at The Crossing.  Contact us to find out how you can live this dream!

Below are links to some of our favourite Summer Event Guides…these should keep you busy until that “s” word is back!

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National Music Centre –

Theatre Alberta –

Glenbow Museum –

Winsport (Canada Olympic Park) –

Heritage Park –

Calgary Zoo –

Telus Spark Science Centre –


Enjoy the weekend!

Your friends at The Crossing

Brunch Fit For A Queen…aka MOM!

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day you ask? It is pretty simple…time with her family and a meal that a) she doesn’t have to make b) she doesn’t have to clean up and c) is delicious. This may not seem like a lot but to Mom is means the world (a few painted macaroni crafts and construction paper cards are also Mom favourites)!

So what to do, where to go? Not to worry, we have both of those questions covered…to The Crossing of course for our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet! Bring the entire family and join us for our gourmet country style buffet. And, don’t feel that you have to head back into the city right after, bring your hiking shoes and have a family trek down to the river or up to the ridge and take in some of Alberta’s finest views.

Another great option is to come out and stay with us the night before! Mother’s Day weekend is one of the few during the year that we make our rooms available on an individual basis (Singles $100, Doubles $130). All Moms love a good B&B and Mother’s Day weekend at The Crossing is one of the best!

Spaces are limited and filling up quickly, so please phone us at 403-932-3392 to make reservations. Please see below for pricing.

Brunch: Adult $40
Senior (67+) $30
Youth (12-16) $30
Child (4-11) $20
3 and Under Free

We look forward to seeing you there!

Your Friends at The Crossing

Winter Art Retreat February 20-23, 2014

West Guild Art Retreat August 22-25, 2013